Prince of Wales Collegiate

Secure School Procedures

Secure School:

A course of action in which school safety is best achieved by “securing” the school and

restricting student/staff movement throughout the building. Such incidents include, but

are not restricted to, suicide or death on school grounds, natural or industrial disaster, and

a missing student.

Procedures/Administration Duties

1. A secure school occurrence will commence with the following P.A. message, “Please

Initiate Secure School Procedures”. This command is repeated several times.

2. The principal or designate will contact local emergency response authorities if applicable

and necessary, i.e. RCMP, Ambulance/Hospital, Fire Department, etc.

3. Teachers and staff should do a check of the hallways and direct students to the nearest


4. The teacher will lock the classroom door and have students remain seated in their desks.

5. Take attendance and report any missing students and /or extra students to the office,

through the PA system. Wait for Administration or designate to contact room regarding

attendance or any other necessary information.

6. Teachers are to page the main office if an emergency situation arises in an area.

7. Do not allow students to leave classroom or area for any reason.

8. Disregard any school bells.

9. Remain calm and continue teaching until secure school call is lifted.

10. Teachers will keep all students in the classrooms until the following message is heard

over the P.A. “Secure School is now complete”.

11. A debriefing with the staff will take place at the earliest possible time after the incident.

12. Administration will consult with the Director of Communications regarding potential

post-event communication to parents.