Minutes of the January 14th, 2019 MSC meeting

               Meeting held at 7300 Metro Boulevard, Suite 500, Edina,Mn

Meeting called to order by Curt Halbakken, President, at 6:00PM

Roll Call:  

Present were Rich Argentieri, Richard Bienapfl, Kevin Burns, Terry Correll, Al Doucette, Al Duce Curt Halbakken, Greg Hall, Greg Peters, Rick Robohm, Tim Rossbach, and Nate Peterson (by phone)


Minutes of the November 12, 2018 MSC Board meeting were distributed for review.  After review there were no questions.  Rick Robohm motioned to approve the November 12, 2018 minutes with a second by Kevin Burns.  Motion to approve passed unanimously.

Officer Reports:

Presidents Report:  Curt Halbakken indicated, in leading the MSC, he wanted to carry on what Greg and board has done the last couple years.  Curt said he wants to continue in the direction we have been going and continue to improve as we go forward.

Board members are still getting false email sent making various requests from board members.  Be aware this is still happening.  It was discussed there is little the board can do to stop this from happening.

Vice President:  Greg Hall, as newly elected vice president, indicated he is looking forward to working with the board.

Delegate Report:

Discussion about club dues must be received to the NSCA by January 1st.  Horse and Hunt sent their dues in but received on January 3rd.  As a result, the Minnesota State shoot schedule was not put in the Clay Target magazine.

Financial Report:

Dick Bienapfl offered the yearend report and budget for 2019.  Year end came in on plan with target fees up 700.00 over forecast and gun raffle sales were up as well.  Budget for 2019 should be met.  We ended up will about 6,700.00 net income for 2018.  If target fees and sales stay the same for 2019, we should have another approximately 5,600.00 net income.  

Pg 2

Dick suggested we review monies we give for the state shoots.  Based on income we are seeing last year and projected for 2019, we should review how we can give more back to the shooters.

Curt suggested we discuss this further and this would come under the purview of the promotion committee he wants to implement.   What ever is decided it should be something we can carry forward.

Greg Peters brought up that our current inventory of medals is shrinking, and we will need to buy more medals this year to support the state shoots.  Dick said we do have money in the budget for additional medals.

Committee Reports:

Nothing offered

Unfinished Business:

Terry Correll contacted the Iowa delegate regarding an Iowa state shoot collaboration with Minnesota.  It was felt they have a system in place that is working and no need to do a collaboration at this time.  Iowa delegate indicated they would be interested in doing a joint FITASC shoot.  Iowa has about 100 shooters that show up for their state shoot and the shoot rotates between the six clubs each year.  

New Business:

Discussion on the target fees for 2019.  After discussion it was decided that the target fees for 2019 would stay at .03 cents with the third cent going toward youth and women’s initiatives.  Nate Peterson made a motion that the target fees for 2019 would be .03 cents per target with the third cent designation for youth and women’s initiatives.  Al Duce 2nd the motion.  Vote was held and passed unanimously.  Curt will notify the clubs of the target fees for 2019.  

Discussion on sending out seperate grant applications to each club to help clubs with youth shooting and women initiatives.

Rick Robohm offered a form to help make the target fee collection process easier for the clubs and MSC.  Rick reviewed the form including a late fee of 25.00 if not paid in 15 days.  Discussion that this could be difficult for clubs to meet the 15 days, and how this should be shown on the form.  After discussion on how to implement this form, it was decided we put it back on the agenda for next meeting.

Curt discussed establishing a Shoot Promotion committee.  This committee would review State Shoot funding, additional requests for funds for clubs, make sure clubs that run state shoots have support with direct dialogue to make sure their needs are covered.  Email blast regarding the

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shoot.  Additional duties to make sure medals are kept up and ready.  Committee would then propose a budget to bring to the February meeting for review and approval by the board.  Curt requested the committee have a plan in place for their budget and get it to Dick Bienapfl ahead of the next meeting so he can add it to the budget.  

Greg Peters asked if the raffle and ticket creation would be part of the Shoot Promotion committee responsibilities.  Curt felt it should be and that Terry Correll was already working on this paying the gambling fee and now waiting for the permit number.  Once he received the permit number, he will create the raffle tickets.

Terry Correll volunteered to be on the Shoot Promotion committee along with Al Doucette and Kevin Burns.  Rick Robohm also said he would help Terry on the committee.  

Curt discussed establishing a Youth and Women Shoot and Promotion committee.  Al Duce volunteered being the chair.  Rich Argentieri and Greg Hall volunteered to be on the committee.  Committee would handle grant request forms with the member clubs.  Committee will send the form out for youth initiatives and a separate form for women’s initiatives, along with a letter.  We will review the fliers for the Youth Shoot and get them out as soon as possible.   Committee will work to identify sponsors to generate funds for the Youth Shoot.  Committee will create a budget for the shoot.  The Shoot will be held at Horse and Hunt club on Sunday August 4th, 2019.  Committee will work to identify potential clubs to host the Youth event in 2020.  

Curt asked that he let someone else deal with Scheels sponsorship, so they see other people are involved in this effort to promote youth shooting.

Nate Peterson discussed the National Shooting Sports Foundation and benefits they offer.  Nate would like to see information posted on the MSC website regarding the NSSF as well as other non-registered shoots clubs hold.  Discussion centered around how to put member club shoots on the website that are not NSCA registered shoots.  Decision was made to create a separate tab that would show member club non-registered shoots they hold and want to put on the site.  Motion made by Greg Peters:   Add a page to the website titled Non-Registered shoots that member clubs can advertise non-registered shoots at their properties on our website.  Rich Argentieri 2nd the motion.  Voted called for and vote passed unanimously.  Curt will notify the member clubs of this option to list their non-registered events on the website.  

Dick Bienapfl discussed that each club should designate a member that can speak on behalf and for that member club.  

Final discussion centered around the youth shoot and how to promote it to the youth this year.  Also, how many youths we could accommodate.  Youth committee will review.

Motion to adjourn by Rick Robohm with 2nd by Greg Peters.  Adjourned at 7:30