“Official” Killjoy Network Training Guide

(RED statements are to be read aloud. Blue are instructions to follow. )

Welcome to Killjoy Network

 We’re so glad to have you interested in joining


  1.   Check the recruit’s gamertag, friends list, clubs, and activity feed for any sign of clan membership or suspicious and/or Blacklisted activity. If anything seems strange, you are not required to train anyone in. Make sure you report any suspicious activity up your Chain of Command.
  2. Ask the recruit if they have been in any other community. If they have, please direct them to the ‘Ex-Blacklisted Clan or Other Community’ subforum of the Court Area of the XS Forums (Human Resources Division) and request that they fill out the form there to be granted instatement into the community.
  3. Ask them how old they are. If you think they are lying, ask for the year.The minimum age to recruit into KN is 15.
  4. The recruit must have a mic.
  5. The recruit must either already have or be willing to download Discord onto their computer, mobile device, or utilize the app through XBOX.
  6. The recruit must have a minimum of 1500 Gamerscore .
  7. If the recruit comes with a recommendation from Director or higher, they can be trained in without the minimum gamerscore.
  8. If an individual has another community in their GT,  excluding Professional Organizations the potential new member is a "fan" of i.e: FaZe, OpTic, nV, MLG , they have a minimum of 30 days to change it after recruitment into the community.

If the recruit meets ALL of the above requirements,

you may continue with the recruitment process below.

 The Training Guide (MSG+)

Please go to Forums.XiledSyndicate.com and click Sign Up (It’s right below the words ‘Sign In’) Make sure that the email they use is one they have immediate access to

*Your Display Name should match your Gamertag, or PSN ID.

*Select the rank of Corporal Your division will be (Insert Division Name).

*Your squad name will be (Insert Squad Name)

*Check your email for a validation link or wait for Admin approval. If you’re having problems finding the email, make sure you check your spam folder.

        While they wait for the email or Admin approval, take advantage of the time to go over some general information about the community

  Basic Information

  1. KN means Killjoy Network, opening in 2018 has hundreds of members ready to be able to talk with you at any moment. We are affiliated with other communities currently, XGN, FGN , BGL and TXO, OTO, and combined there are thousands of gamers able to hang out and game.

  1.   Leaders of KN

  1. Chief Executive Officer/President : KN BiGBT KC

  1. Chief Operations Officer/Vice President : Xiled Game KN

  1. Chief of Staff : KN HUCK 7XS

  1. Chief of Information/Senior Director : KN Cali 7XS 

  1. Chief of Human Resources : KN God of Rage

  1.  Upper Leadership

  1. Senior Director : KN Bigg Papa XS

  1. Director : KN HYDE 7XS

  1. Everything is voluntary, we offer a high level of respect to everyone for what they do to keep the community running. Additionally, no member is forced to change their Gamertag to reflect Killjoy Network unless you choose to go to the rank of Lieutenant or higher.

  1. As a rule, Killjoy Network asks that unless business is being discussed or a Senior Officer asks you to lock down a party, that parties remain open so you’re easy to contact should the need arise.

  1. Additionally, we ask that all members do not kick any individuals from their party. If you have an issue with another member, leave the party and start your own. If they continue to join, you may report the situation up your Chain of Command.


 Ranking Up


  1. Recruiting - Killjoy Network is always looking for new, quality members interested in playing and working alongside us to build our community.

  1. Posting on the forums - Our forums is one of our primary forms of communication. We ask that members attempt to make a minimum of 10 posts a week here. This isn’t a difficult task to complete and shows that you’re an active member.

  1. Attending Meetings - Our squad meetings are at (state meeting times). Attendance at these meetings is important as it gets out important information throughout the community such as events and alerts. You’re required to attend a minimum of 2 a month to remain active, but we recommend you attend as many as possible.

  1. Attending Workshops - Workshops are educational meetings that teach members about various aspects of the community.

  1. Attending Game Nights - Game Nights are regular events that can be held by any member, providing that a member of the rank of Lieutenant or higher is present


The Blacklist includes members and communities (or clans) that have been proven to be a threat to our family and have, as a result, been Blacklisted. This means that we, as members, are forbidden from having any sort of communication or contact with these members or clans to protect our community.

Have the recruit go to their email, verify their membership,( temporarily admins are accepting applicants so there will be no email confirmation) and post on the forums. Guide them to their Division Section, Squad Section, and have them make their first post in the welcome topic/ “New Members Post Here” topic. Once this is complete, have the recruit go to their Xbox Console

Several privacy settings must be changed for a member to join the Killjoy Network to protect our members from many security risks, including those on the Blacklist and help us recognize you as a member of the community.


Have the member go to Profile,

 then Privacy Settings

Go to View Details & Customize

Go to Online Status & History

Others can see if you’re online

     - EVERYONE or FRIENDS ONLY (Note: Please inform the recruit if they choose friends only, it won't allow them to stream)

Go back to the previous screen and select


Others can see your Xbox Profile - EVERYONE

Go back to the previous screen and select Friends & Clubs

Others can see your Friends List - FRIENDS

Go back to the previous screen and select Communication & Multiplayer

Others can see your Activity Feed - FRIENDS

(Make sure these are done correctly!!)

Uniform Placement

Next, we need to update some information in your Profile to reflect your membership in Killjoy Network. Please go to your Profile and select Customize Profile.

First, we will be updating your Location with the proper uniform

It will be, for example, KN GRIFFIN ER CPL. To make it easier to remember, think of “Clan, squad, division, and rank”. KN is your clan, (Insert Squad) is your squad, (Insert Division) is your division, and CPL is your rank.

At this point, the individual might ask what a squad and division is.

A Squad: A group of KN members, the smallest unit within Killjoy Network, usually a one-word name.  

A Division: A set of squads under the umbrella of a division staff, with a multitude of squads.

Next, just below in your Bio section, add the following information:

NOTE: If you’re recruiting AND training the individual, feel free to put: Recruited and Trained by (Your GT) (Date of Recruitment).

Recruited by (Gamertag of Recruiter) (Date of Recruiting)

Trained by (Gamertag of Trainer) (Date of Training)

When you’re done adding this information, please make sure you select ‘Done’ so the information will be saved.

Check over the information added to make sure it is complete and correct. By now, if you’ve added them as a friend, the information should’ve updated and should be visible.

Have them add “ Xiled Syndicate” as a friend and notify your General that they have been background checked.

Have them add GEN-COL-MAJ (not required but highly recommended) and the squad tag.

Talk to one of your staff members in order to receive a Discord invite to the server, (MAJ and up have access to do this) from there please have them sign up for Discord. Once they are in the divisional server, teach them how to turn off the notifications.

When you have a chance, please take the time to read over our Code of Conduct and Policies so you, as a member, are better able to take advantage of what the community has to offer as a whole, get a jumpstart on how it is run, and what rules, ethics, and morality we uphold as a community.

Send them a direct link on discord to the COC. Play with them and introduce them to other members so they will begin to amass a pool of individuals to play with.