Tarrant County Joint Senate District Convention

FAQ Document

Why can’t we cancel the convention?

The Rules, in effect, say that if the county chair does not call a convention to order, any Democrat may do so. We ask that every convention chair hold their convention even if that means quickly calling it to order, going through the convention process, adjourning. The only business that must be done is the selection of state delegates and adoption of any resolutions.

If your area is under a public health advisory to cancel large events, we suggest that you and a contingent of Democrats meet and do the formality of the requirements above.  

I registered online but did not receive confirmation that I am registered, how do I know that I’m registered?

Check with your senate district convention chair. You can find their information at: convention.tarrantdemocrats.org

My presidential preference has dropped out, how do I change my preference?

The Texas Democratic Party will send out an email in May to all confirmed delegates so that you can select your presidential preference.

Can we still come in person on the day of convention?

We highly recommend that we exercise good judgment and maintain social distance so as to stem the risks of infection. YOU do not have to register in-person in order to be considered as a delegate to the state convention.

Where can I get information on the state convention?

Head to texasdemocraticconvention.com

How can I register to be a state delegate?

Please visit 2020.texasdemocrats.org

How can I submit a resolution?

The state party has a made a link available to submit resolutions. Please have anyone interested in submitting a resolution for the County/SD Convention enter the resolution in this form: txdem.co/Resolution-Form. The deadline to submit resolutions is March 19th.

I’d like to vote on resolutions at the county/sd convention?

Due to extenuating circumstances and the declaration of disaster in Tarrant County, each chair is allowed to entertain a motion that all resolutions be sent to the State for their state resolutions committee to consider.

Where can I see the resolutions?

A link will be shared where state delegates can see all the resolutions submitted. This link will be available to delegates only after March 21.