GOTV Postcard Campaigns for Democratic Candidates

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Updated: 09/27/20

Table of Contents:

  1. Postcarding Campaigns
  2. Where to get postcards, stamps, etc.

A. Postcarding Campaigns

Grassroots Democratic Headquarters is sending postcards on behalf of Jaime Harrison

who is running for US Senate against Lindsey Graham. Postcard packets will be mailed

to the first 100 people who sign up here:

Postcards to Voters is writing for the US Senate race of Jon

Ossoff (GA).

Flip The West is writing postcards for the US Senate races

in Kansas and Alaska. You can sign up to postcard with them here:

Grassroots Democratic Headquarters is sending postcards on behalf of US Congressional

Candidates TJ Cox (CA-21) and Gil Cisneros (CA-39). There is also the opportunity to

postcard for Biden/Harris in the swing states of Michigan, and Pennsylvania. You can sign up

for addresses at

Broward For Progress is reaching out to Latinx voters in Broward county, Florida to get

the vote out for Biden and Harris. Email to get started.

Postcards to Native American Voters are being organized by the Navajo Hopi Organizing

Campaign to help GOTV on sovereign lands in Arizona. Voters on the Navajo, Hopi, San

Carlos Apache and White Mountain Apache Nations could be the margin of victory for

Democrats this election in Arizona.

Indivisible Philadelphia is encouraging Philly voters to GOTV! Request addresses and

postcards here:

Postcards For Virginia is working to keep and turn

various US Congressional Districts BLUE. They had great success at flipping their state

senate and house of delegates blue in 2019, and are setting their sights on Congress.

Write to left-leaning voters who didn’t vote in 2016 in Pennsylvania, a crucial state for

Biden and Harris to win this year!

Sister District is reaching out to low-propensity

voters to encourage them to vote in in their primaries, and they are also helping to GOTV in a

number of state level races in order to help combat gerrymandering.

Swing Left is writing letters to encourage people to register to


Vote Forward runs letter-writing efforts in a variety of states, both to

register voters and to help candidates.

Phil Arballo (CA-22) is running against Devin Nunes. Addresses can be obtained by

writing to

TJ Cox (CA-21) addresses can be obtained by writing to

Postcards for Georgia a bumper crop of progressive candidates in 2020!

To get addresses visit

The Georgia Postcard Project is working to flip the swing state of Georgia Blue! Join at and contact Tricia at for addresses and scripts.

Mission for Arizona is sending postcards to Democrats to enroll in vote by mail, and support

Mark Kelly for US Senate. You can request addresses from 

and learn more about their work at

Ditch Mitch has addresses available again, to take down Mitch McConnell in KY! Write

to for addresses and scripts.

Vote Common Good is reaching out to evangelicals (who are not necessarily Democrats)

to appeal to their faith principles to ask them to help defeat Donald Trump. Order cards


Cathy Kunkel for Congress is running in West Virginia, against Rep. Alex Mooney,

an avid Trump supporter. Her campaign has a goal to email 80,000 postcards to WV

friends and neighbors. Wanna help? Email

Becca Rausch is running for State Senate in Massachussetts. You can sign up to

write postcards for her district here:

Lisa Arnold for State Rep is running in Massachussetts’ 17th Middlesex District, with

a primary election on Sept 1st. Postcards are being written through the end of July and

beginning of August. You can get addresses by requesting them

from and you can learn more about Lisa here:

Ann Ravel is running for State Senate (CA-15). There are NO women in the California

Legislature from Sonoma to San Jose on the West Side of the Bay. She is the candidate

who is not beholden to special interests and will make sure that all people in the state of

California will have a voice in their government. Please write to

for postcarding addresses.

Dave Cortese is also running for State Senate (CA-15). Find out more about his campaign

at and request postcard addresses at

Natalie Moser is running for Huntington Beach City Council in California. For postcard

scripts and addresses please sign up here:

and for more information about her campaign look here:

Linda Bessin is running for Burbank City Council in California. For postcard scripts

and addresses please email - and for more info about Linda

please visit

Meg E’Amato for Corona City Council (CA) - get addresses by sending email to and specify how many addresses you need.

Visit for more info on her campaign.

Los Angeles Area Postcarders only are invited to postcard to help the only Democrat

endorsed candidate, Scott M Schmerelson, get re-elected as the LAUSD Board Member for

Board District 3. Please email for info on how to get started.

Grandmothers in Action is a posse of older women working together on a variety of

Democratic campaigns. To join them click here:

Turn PA Blue is actively working to turn the PA State Legislature Blue. For addresses look

here - note, there is a fee for the postcard packs:

B. Where to get postcards, stamps, etc.

A handy list of where to get voter-themed postcards, blank postcards, stamps,

markers, washi tape, and other postcarding supplies is here:


Please note that some of these postcarding efforts are being spearheaded by groups

other than the candidate themselves.

Know of new campaigns doing postcarding to voters? Email us at

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