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Democratic GOTV Postcard Campaigns
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GOTV Postcard Campaigns for Democratic Candidates

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Updated: 10/7/21

Table of Contents:

  1. Postcarding Campaigns
  2. Where to get postcards, stamps, etc.

A. Postcarding Campaigns

Field Team Six is registering voters in key Virginia

Districts. Sign up here to get started:

Reclaim Our Vote is contacting Virginia voters of

Color. Sign up:

Postcards for Virginia is writing postcards for the 2021

Virginia House of Delegates candidates. Sign up at

Postcards to Voters is working on postcards for the

2021 Virginia House of Delegates candidates as well as

for the Ohio Congressional Seat of Allison Russo, and

to encourage Florida residents to Vote By Mail. Sign

up at

A Wisconsin School Board Recall Election is being

put forth by conservatives in an effort to impact policies.

Postcards need to be sent to progressive voters, to spread

awareness of this election and encourage them to vote.

Email for addresses & script.

Vote Forward is working to get out the Virginia

vote-by-mail vote. Sign up to write letters at

Postcards to Swing States is writing to progressive

NJ and VA voters for state-wide 2021 elections, as well as

for key 2022 Senate races. Sign up at

Activate America is sending postcards to Democratic

voters of color in PA who live outside of the big cities of

Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. These voters have been sent a

vote-by-mail application but have not yet returned it. Also, they

are writing for the statewide 2021 Virginia races.

Sign up at:

Postcards for Washington is writing to GOTV for various

candidates across the state in 2021. Join us at:

AAPI Taskforce of GDHQ is writing postcards to Asian-

American / Pacific Islander voters in CA. Join at

Working America is sending letters to people in Virginia,

Pennsylvania, and Ohio focusing on health care and

workers’ rights. These personalized letters will increase the

importance of these issues and frame how folks think about

elections and voting. The aim is to change minds and to give

folks who agreevwith us the extra push they need to get out

and engage civically. Sign up here:

Philadelphia area folks only - Lift Every Vote

Is working on contacting newly moved unregistered

voters to get them to register. Sign up here:

Navajo County Democrats is writing to High Potential

Voters in AZ to encourage them to vote in 2022.

*SPANISH WRITERS NEEDED* Activate America is

writing to voters in CA to let them know whether their

representative voted for the American Rescue Plan.

Sign up at:

Grassroots Democrats HQ is working on postcards

letting people know if their congressperson didn’t

vote for the American Rescue Plan.

Envoys for Humanity is writing to pivotal U.S.

Senators in support of the for The People Act, and

is also writing to the Virginia Parole Board to ask

that Nathaniel Pierce be freed. Info here:

Womens March is writing letters to ask companies

to stop funding Ted Cruz’s campaign. Sign up:

The Civics Center is sending postcards to

encourage high school students to register to


NOTE - Non-Partisan, not Democrat-focused.

Stay tuned for upcoming actions from these groups:

Turn PA Blue

Blue Wave Postcards

Center for Common Ground

B. Where to get postcards, stamps, etc.

A handy list of where to get voter-themed postcards, blank

postcards, stamps, markers, washi tape, and other

postcarding supplies is here:


Please note that some of these postcarding efforts are being

spearheaded by groups other than the candidate themselves.

Know of new campaigns doing postcarding to voters?

Email us at

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