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Recyclable Art: Earhart School
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Amelia Earhart’s

School-Wide STEAM Research Project


  Recyclable Art 

 K-8th grade        

Have you heard the old saying that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure? Well, this year for our school-wide technology project we will be turning trash into treasure. We will use recyclable trash to create a masterpiece!

Students will begin the project by discussing why recycling is important.  All students will research the benefits of recycling. Students will research their topic using the Internet, paraphrase the information found and will cite the Internet sources that were used. The students will work independently at home, school or the library to access web sites directly. Students will use links to obtain information to help them with the research of their topics.  

As the culminating activity students will create their very own Masterpiece from the recyclable goods of their choice.

The following Common Core State Standards (writing, research, technology, and science) will be addressed:

Learning Objective:

Students will understand cultural differences regarding recycling. Mandatory- a research paper, summing up the information gathered through the students’ research.  PAPERS AND WORKS OF ART ARE DUE: APRIL 25, 2019 at 8:15 a.m. The culminating activity will take place APRIL 25, 2019 at 5:30 p.m. Students will attend Family Technology Night to View the Amelia Earhart Gallery of Recyclable Art. Students will receive a grade for both mandatory components of their assignment: the paper and the recyclable art.



      1.    2 to 5 Internet articles.

      2.    Internet Bibliography (in the correct format).

      3.    Research Paper on the benefits of recycling (students should explain  why

             the items they selected (to create their masterpiece) need to be recycled.                  


  1. Cover/Title page.
  2. Bibliography.
  3. 1 page written or typed with 2 sources (grades K-3).
  4. 2 pages typed with 3 sources (grades 4-5).
  5. 3 pages typed with 5 sources (grades 6-8).
  6. Information on the topic in the students’ own words.
  7. Students must read, research and then paraphrase

                        information gathered for their paper.

          4.  Create a work of art from recycled trash (MUST be AGE Appropriate).

Recyclable Materials-(Not limited to)

Recycled Project Ideas to consider:

Evaluation Categories:


      Relief Sculpture                   Sculpture              Functional Sculpture             Decorative Sculpture

Here are a few sites to help you get started:


____Overall neatness/craftsmanship... is your work clean and neatly presented?

____Use of only recycled items (with the exception of adhesives to hold items  


____Unique use of recycled materials.

____Paper is completed (cover/title page, bibliography and sources are included).

____ The level of difficulty (must be age appropriate)