The American International School of Bamako                


Teacher: Ms. Marylou Casillas

About the Class:

Our Kindergarten class is truly international with students representing six different nationalities. It is a great opportunity for students to grow from each other's differences and similarities. Throughout classroom instruction, each  students will be encouraged to follow their curiosity and inquire about topics being learned in class through discovery and group interactions. Sessions of academic instruction in math, literacy, science, and social studies will be interspersed with enrichment activities such as physical education, art and French.

Children’s Social and Emotional Development

In kindergarten, students are continuing to build strong social-emotional skills. Social and emotional development includes expression and management of emotions; socially acceptable behaviors; classroom behaviors (e.g., paying attention, cooperating); self-confidence; and their ability to establish positive and rewarding relationships with others.

Learning in Language Arts

We will be developing our literacy skills and building a strong foundation for success and enjoyment of reading and writing.  Our units of study include:


  • Asking and answering questions about key details
  • Recognize common types of texts
  • Describe relationship between illustrations and the story in which they appear
  • compare and contrast adventures and experiences


  • Use a combination of drawing, dictating, and writing to compose
  • opinion
  • Information
  • narrative
  • Speaking and listening

Learning in Mathematics

 There will be many hands-on, engaging activities to help us build a strong foundation for future studies in Math.

Our units of study include:

  • Know number names and the count sequence
  • Count to tell the number of objects
  • Compare numbers
  • Understand addition as putting together and adding to
  • Understand subtraction as taking apart and taking from
  • Work with numbers 11-19 to gain foundations of place value
  • Describe and compare measurable attributes
  • Classify objects and count the number of objects in categories
  • Identify and describe shapes
  • Analyze, compare, create, and compose shapes

Learning in Social Studies

Our program involves learning about the world around us, social relationships, and civic responsibilities.

Our units of study include:

  • Identifying connections between one another in the world
  • Recognize that individual people are part of a group
  • Distinguish themselves as individuals from others

  • Distinguish between needs and wants
  • Identify stories about past events, people, places or situations
  • Give examples of conflict and cooperation among individuals and groups
  • Identify rights and responsibilities of an individual including characteristics of good citizens

Learning in Science

We will be exploring, investigating, discovering, and practicing our critical thinking skills.

Our units of study include:

  • Forces of Motion
  • Energy
  • Waves and Their Applications
  • From Molecules to Organisms: structure and Process
  • Earths Systems
  • Earth and human activity

Classroom Blog

The main form of communication with our weekly updates will be through our class blog.  I will be sending out an email that will help you link to the blog.  In the blog, you will find important dates and information along with weekly class activity updates and pictures.


Students in Kindergarten are assessed on an ongoing basis, through observation and performance tasks. In addition, we use several internationally-normed assessments such as Fountas & Pinell Benchmark Assessments, which help us understand each student’s academic development, and meet students’ individual needs. You will receive a formal report of your child’s progress four times a year.  You are always welcome and encouraged to set up a meeting with me to discuss your child’s growth at any time.