Latin I   Mr. Beaven        Culture Project #1: The City of Rome in the 1st Century A.D.

Due Dates:  

         Wednesday, October 23, 2019: 2 pages of notes must have been completed and are due in class.


        **The final project (3 pages of notes and works cited page) is due in class on Wednesday, October 30, 2019.

This project involves taking notes and making a works cited page.  There will be no final paper for the project.  You must use the ‘Working Bibliography’ forms from the Walnut Hills library to take your notes.  All notes must be handwritten and should not have any full sentences or paragraphs.  You must use a total of 3 sources.  You cannot use more than 1 internet source!  Do not use Wikipedia.  Use only the internet sources listed on the library web page.  E-books are considered book sources.

The research will cover two major topics:

  1. Famous Roman Structures existing in the 1st century A.D.
  2. Roman Emperors of the 1st Century A.D.

You will choose a total of 3 research items from the two major topics: 1 famous structure and 2 Roman Emperors.  The list of available topics is on the back of this paper.  The project will be graded according to the following rubrics for note-taking and for your works cited page.  

Famous Roman Structures existing in the 1st Century A.D.  (10 pts.)

You are to choose 1 structure.  Your notes should include information about when the structure was built, why the structure was built/what the structure was used for, and whether or not it is still standing/what it is being used for today if  it is still standing.  

Roman Emperors of the 1st Century A.D.  (20 pts.)

You are to choose 2 Roman Emperors of the 1st Century A.D.  The notes should include his full name, biographical information, and information about his accomplishments and the major events in his life.

Suggested Sources


There are a large number of books on all the topics for your report already on reserve for your class in the WHHS library on a book cart marked "Ancient Rome." Most can be checked out overnight. Use these first!

Some particularly good choices for this project:



For the buildings of Rome:

Bunson, Matthew Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire

Connelly, Peter The Ancient City

Corbishley, Mike A Cultural Atlas for Young People: Ancient Rome

Corbishley, Mike Ancient Rome:a cultural atlas

Usborne Guide to Ancient Rome

Claridge, Amanda Rome: an Oxford  Archaeological Guide


For Roman emperors:

Grant, Michael The Roman Emperors

Who was Who in the Roman World

Nardo, Don Influential Figures of Ancient Rome

Nardo, Don Rulers of Ancient Rome

Bunson, Matthew Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire

Encyclopedia of World Biography


You may also use an e-book to supplement the print books in our collection. To access these,

· go to the WHHS Library

 Search by title for the e-books with information on your topics: Encyclopedia of Ancient Rome, Ancient Rome, Empire of Ancient Rome.

· Click on "Open" next to the title of the book.

· If asked, enter the user name: walnut and password: hills.

· Use the table of contents to navigate through the book; you can put in the page number you want to go to at the bottom of the page.

· Make sure you get the bibliographic information for the book from the Library Catalog.


NOTE: These are the ONLY web sources you may use!!

Ancient History Online- All about the cultures of major ancient civilizations, including Rome. You will need a password from home. User name: walnut ; password: hills.

Oxford Classical Dictionary-All about the cultures of Greece and Rome.  Ask in the Library for the User Name and Password.

De Imperitoribus Romanis- An online encyclopedia on the rulers of the Roman empire from 27 BC to 1453 CE. Use the “Imperial Index” for information for your project.

A View of Cities: Rome- Short articles on famous places to see in Rome, including ancient sites. A good place to get started but make sure the information is from ancient Rome!

Notes                 (15 pts.)

Your notes in bulleted form must be on the ‘Working Bibliography’ forms from the Library and the bibliographical information for the sources of the notes must be filled out completely on each form.  The notes must be handwritten in bulleted form and should not have complete sentences or paragraphs.  In addition to the information points above, the notes will be graded as follows:

        Complete bibliographical information         3 pts.

        Legible and bulleted                         2 pts.

        Notes labeled as to content                 5 pts.

        At least 3 pages                                    5 pts.

Works Cited Page         (15 pts.)

Your works cited page must have at least 3 sources and must be typed.  

This will be graded as follows:

        Title of page                                1 pt.

        Alphabetic order of citations                3 pts.

        Indentation of lines                        3 pts.

        Completeness of citations                2 pts.

        Order of elements in citations                2 pts.

        Punctuation                                2 pts.

        Typed                                        2 pts.

The final project is worth one test grade (60 points).  The final project is due Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Plagiarism on any part of this project will result in a grade of ‘0’ for the entire project!

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Available Structures


Available Emperors