Maine Ocean School Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes May 4, 2019 Union Hall 1 Union St., Searsport, Maine



Almon (Bud) Rivers

Gayle Zydlewski

Cynthia Prosser

Genna Black

Carla Scocchi

Leslie Gregory (Teacher, non-voting)

John D’anieri (Interim Director, non-voting)


Eric Jergenson

Rebecca Neville

Bill Shideleff

Doris Cowell

Minutes: (times approximate)

1502 Meeting called to order by Acting Chair Gayle Zydlewski & roll call

1504 Amendments to Agenda

1505 Bud moved, and Cynthia seconded, to accept the agenda as amended.

Motion passed 5-0-0

1510 Cynthia moved, and Gayle Seconded, to approve the following meeting minutes

as amended:

• Board of Trustees, December 5, 2018

• Board of Trustees, February 2, 2019

• Executive Committee, February 13, 2019

• Executive Committee, March 12, 2019

• Executive Committee, April 24, 2019

• Executive Committee, May 1, 2019

Motion Passed 4-0-1, Carla Abstained


Committee Reports

1511 Executive Committee: Gayle

• Gayle described the April governance workshops with Tamara Mitchell for those who were not present. Actions to be taken under Governance and other committee actions.

• Gayle and John described a meeting of the ad hoc Legislative Committee on April 10, 2019 with the following organizations:

o Senator Vitelli, Senate Majority Leader o Beth Beausang, Governor’s Senior Policy Advisor, o Jessica Nixon, Chief of Staff, Commissioner of Education's office o Representative Scott Cuddy, W&CD Committee sponsor and member of ad hoc committee o James Gillway, Searsport Town manager, MOSF chair and member of the ad hoc committee o Gayle Zydlewski, BoT Chair and Ad hoc Committee Chair o John D’Anieri, Interim Director, MOS

• Next meeting on legislation will be May 15, 2019at the state house

1515 Finance and Facilities: Bud

• Current budget status

o Current spending well below projected o End of year projection is $15,235.11 o Bank balance as of 0055 on 5/04/2019 is $79,559.18 o Copies of the current spending report and cash flow projection report are


Motion: Carla moved, and Cynthia seconded to accept the financial status report.

1516 Motion passed 5-0-0

• Next year’s budget

o Finance Committee reviewed 19-20 proposed budget on 2/22/2019 and

3/29/2019 o 19-20 Draft shows a high and low estimated budget

Motion: Bud moved, and Gayle seconded, that we use the most conservative budget as a

Provisional Budget until State Subsidy is decided. 1521 Motion passed 5-0-0.

• Residential facility planning for out years

o Working with AD HOC Joint Committee to develop outyear residential facility

needs o Focus is on residential need for 19-20 school year


Motion: Bud moved, and Gayle seconded, to authorize the Executive Director to develop an

MOU with the owners of Captain Sweetser Inn for $1 annual lease for use of Captain Sweetser Inn for residential purposes, with Maine Ocean School covering all operational expenses. 1522 Motion passed5-0-0.

• Duncan House heating/ future use

o Lease signed o Working with PMM on Heating and Maintenance

Motion: Bud moved, and Carla seconded, to authorize the Executive Director to partner with PMM in shared grant-writing efforts to raise up to $35,000for MOS share of Duncan House repairs. (honors the lease agreement signed earlier this year) 1528 Motion passed 5-0-0.

• Summer Program

o Recommend that Summer Program Funding run through the School with a

specific line item in the 19-20 budget.

• Facilities

o Discussed a process to weigh long term facility needs (1-3 years) o Collaboration between MOS, Town, PMM, and RSU o Discussed future upgrades to Hamilton Learning Center

Will push for more classrooms at Searsport Middle/High School.

1535 Governance

• Cynthia presented the following proposed action from the facilitated workshops:

o Motion: Cynthia moved, and Carla seconded, to modify agenda policy to reflect this agenda format (as needed) with appropriate contact information. 1542 Motion passed 5-0-0

Motion: Cynthia moved, and Carla seconded, that the Board will schedule, plan and

conduct an orientation for new board members and one additional board development session this year. Hereafter, the Board will hold two full-day board development events per year. 1543Motion passed 5-0-0.

Motion: Cynthia moved, and Genna seconded, that approved committee and Board

minutes are to be posted on-line (publicly) within 14 days of approval. (After each Board meeting) 1546 Motion passed 5-0-0

Motion: Cynthia moved, and Carla seconded, that the Board affirms the importance

of the MOS Board : Foundation relationship and is committed to working with the Foundation to resolve organizational issues and identify mutually


beneficial policies and procedures for effective Board : Foundation operations.

Discussion: o We should share a workshop with the MOSF Board.

o Gayle toserve as Liaison with MOSF until new MOS Board constituted 1547 Motion passed 5-0-0.

Motion: Cynthia moved, and Genna seconded, that the Chair and Interim Executive

Director (Gayle and John) will serve as the recruitment and screening committee for both the executive director search and solicitation/recruitment of new board members. 1549 Motion passed 5-0-0

Motion: Cynthia moved, and Genna seconded, to submit Captains Mike Flanagan and

Eric Jergenson for reappointment to the MOS Board of Trustees. 1550 Motion passed 5-0-0.

Motion: Cynthia moved, and Genna seconded, to postpone elections to the August or

November meeting as necessary to ensure adequate voting eligible trustees (goal of > 50% or 9 out of 17 voting positions filled) and to continue Gayle Zydlewski in Chair role and Cynthia Prosser in Vice-Chair role until elections are held. 1551 Motion passed 5-0-0

Motion: Cynthia moved, and Genna seconded, that all committees are to be

reconstituted by the Chair after new board members have joined the board. In the meantime, only essential committee work is to be performed.

1552 Motion passed 5-0-0

1553 Gayle appointed Carla as Chair of the Governance Committee.

1554 Program Committee: Gayle

6 February 2019 meeting

o Determined HeadRush should be used to frame the curriculum o NEW curriculum map for MOS

Map by courses vs courses would need to have 73 courses over 4 years

Do we build map with courses from program plan or base curriculum on standards?

AFFIRMED: Proficiency is a value we started with wanting to assure


Motion: Gayle moved, and Bud seconded, to adopt Course/Credit Map as guideline

for 2019-20 school year academic year.


• When asked, John described the system as presented in the Draft Strategic Plan. His system would present academic achievement look like non- standard based systems by giving numerical credits for completing ‘courses’. Standards could be linked to ‘courses’.

• Bud strongly objected for the following reasons:

o MOS was established as a proficiency-based magnet school o This Board established setting and verifying achievement of standards

as the basis for graduation. o Making the curriculum and progress reports look like “time in seats course completion” would send the wrong message to students and parents. o Edio/Headrush was established to document and track the standard

achievement. Edio can generate reports to show credit equivalency for colleges that require such supports o MOS should, as described in the program plan, publish a curriculum

that describes and reports on what students will know and what they can do when they complete the curriculum.

• John agreed and proposed that we return this issue back to the Program Committee for resolution.

1614 Gayle withdrew the motion.

Motion: Gayle moved, and Cynthia seconded, that the Program Committee work with the Executive Director to review the proposed curriculum structural framework presented in the Draft Strategic Plan.

Discussion: The revised curriculum structural framework would be brought to a Board

Workshop for full development. 1615 Motion passed 5-0-0

o Path forward

’marinize’ standards ones from the Think Global School

What additional standards are for MOS...10-ish, e.g., tracks

Are tracks ‘on top of’ classes...or part of the total experience?

CTE standards may be usable to create marine standards

The PC agreed that the current list of standards adopted from Searsport HS is not a satisfactory list for MOS, John will expand the list to fit the Program plan (~120 standards)

For THIS year

Use 72 standards with current approach grafted into Headrush

Need clearly assigned assessments in Headrush


By end of the year...

o Will have description of courses students took part in

this year o With clear reporting for parents/students

By end of Feb vacation, rest of trimester spelled out

A week prior to trimester 3, trimester 3 will be spelled out

14 March 2019 meeting

o Consideration of student/teacher numbers for delivering curriculum

delivery o Recruitment

Cancelled April meeting

Time to regroup -June

1617 Executive Committee: Gayle

• Gayle presented the following actions from the facilitated workshops:

Motion: Gayle moved, and Carla seconded, to return to the original staffing plan of an Executive Director and level hierarchy of teaching/staff positions. 1618 Motion passed 5-0-0

Motion: Gayle moved, and Bud seconded, to authorize Program Committee and

Executive Director to develop and give Executive Director authorization to implement provisional teaching contract and salary structure, with formal approval at August Board meeting. 1620 Motion passed 5-0-0.

1621 Workforce and Community Development: John

• Internships:

o John described near term efforts for setting up internships.

Motion: Gayle moved, and Cynthia seconded, for the Executive Director to work with

the W&CD Committee to create an internship packet for approval at the August Board meeting. 1622 Motion passed 5-0-0.

1625 Ad hoc Legislative Committee: Gayle/John

• John provided additional information on efforts to get to the right people in Augusta.

• Meeting on March 15 with the Joint Standing Committee on Education and Cultural Affairs may include work on the wording for LD685.

• We may need a diverse group of people to testify on behalf of this legislation.


1630 Ad hoc Admissions Committee: Genna

• We have received 5 applications for next year from students within 25 miles of Searsport

• Pushing advertisements

• Meeting with the whole admissions team to refresh the admissions process

• Start the approval process within two weeks

Motion: Genna moved, and Carla seconded, that the BOT waives the requirement of

a guidance counselor on the admissions team in favor of allowing the assistant director to serve in that capacity. 1633 Motion passed 5-0-0

1633 Foundation Report: Bill Shideleff

• MOSF cares about what MOS needs

• Described recent events

• Meeting monthly

• Currently have about $32,000in the bank

• One outstanding commitment not yet met

• Captain’s Dinner planned for August 10, tentatively at the Samoset in Rockland

• Working on two mailings: o Annual funding campaign o Invitations to the Captain’s Dinner

• Givers will want to see our Strategic plan

• MOSF needs to know what we need to make: numbers and Why?

• Need for closer collaboration

1653 Chairman’s Minute: Gayle

• Challenge to complete Strategic Plan with uncertainty in funding model

• Conflict in legislation on funding

• Bring comments on Draft Strategic Plan to John

• Draft Strategic Plan not for dissemination outside Board members and prospective members (those with pending appointments)

1712 Recognitions

The Chair recognized all present for their continued support in the success of the school.

1713 Public Participation None

Next meeting



• August ?, 2019

1714 Motion to adjourn, passes.

Submitted and approved May 4, 2019

Almon D. Rivers, Clerk