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Our big news this week is Mrs. Smith's class coin drive to provide hurricane relief in Houston.  Read the article on Seacoast Online HERE.  The drive wrapped up last Friday, and the grand total raised was $1,735.63.  That's an unbelievable amount of money!  A few groups of kids took the initiative to fundraise in their neighborhoods via lemonade stands in order to contribute even more.  They alone added over $310 to the cause, almost 20% of the entire drive.  Great job to Brodie and Aubrie Proulx, Finn and Devon Coole, Gavin Murdy, and Henry and Charlotte Hyland; thank you for your support in our efforts!  A secondary part of this project resulted in Mrs. Smith’s class mailing 27 packages with letters enclosed written by our 27 homerooms to Houston Fire and Police stations to thank them for their service and work throughout their current situation.

What’s Coming Up?:

Don’t forget about picture day on Friday morning.  We always love seeing our students get ready for their annual photo.  It is a virtual right of passage and provides a measurement of your child’s growth and maturation over time.  They grow so much during their brief three years with us!

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