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School Site Council Meeting Plan

Second Tuesday of every month at 2:30pm

Meeting Date



2023-24 Election Info

Nominations Open 9/28/23 - 10/2/23

Ballots Open: 10/3/23-10/5/23

Results will be shared on 10/6/23

September 28, 2023

Agenda: Meeting Agenda, Meeting Minutes

Items: Parent and Family Engagement Policy, School Parent Compact, Bylaws

October 10, 2023


Agenda and Minutes Document

Items: Election Review, Elect Officers, Review UCP

Categorical Budget Review

Meeting Documents:, UCP, PFEP, SPC

November 14, 2023


Meeting Minutes and Agenda

Minutes Document

Data Presentations: FAST, DEMI, Attendance, SSC Training on Roles and Responsibilities, Budget Review

December 12th,  2023


Meeting Minutes and Agenda

Budget Transfer for 30106, LCFF EL Plan Updates, Review SBB Timeline and Budget Priorities Dialogue,

January 9, 2024


January Agenda and Minutes

Update on the 23-24 Title I Budget, SPSA Review

February 13, 2024


February Agenda and Minutes

Budget Update and Review Demi and FAST as well as an SPSA Goals Introduction

March 12, 2024


March SSC Agenda and Minutes

2024-25 Title I Budget Approval and LCFF Budget Review

April 16, 2024


April Agenda and Minutes (postponed to May 7th)

SPSA Review

May 7th , 2024


May Agenda and Minutes

SPSA Approval

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