Sangre de Cristo Seminary

(Sangre de Cristo School for Biblical Studies)


2019 Schedule

Summer Semester

June 3 – August 30


Eschatology: June 3 - 7 (1 sem. hr.)  Dr. Dwight F. Zeller: Director Emeritus, Sangre de Cristo Seminary; D. Min., Eastern Baptist Theological Seminary; Th. M, Chicago Graduate School of Theology; M. Div., Memphis Theological Seminary; B. A., Bob Jones University; Pastor and Navy Chaplain.

Four predominant evangelical views concerning Christ’s second coming will be evaluated Biblically.


Church Leadership: June 10- 14 (1 sem. hr.) Rev. Philip S. Kruis: Pastor, Rincon Mountain Presbyterian Church, Tucson, AZ; Board Member, Providence College; M. Div. and Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy, Reformed Theological Seminary; B.A., Dordt College.

The spiritual dimension of church leadership, as exercised by elders, will be emphasized.


Doctrine of the Holy Spirit: June 17 - 21 (1sem. hr.) Rev. Luke Evans: Lead Pastor, Christ Church San Antonio, TX; M. Div. Westminster Theological Seminary; B.A., Baylor University.

A systematic study of the Biblical teaching on the Holy Spirit, His work and place in the Trinity.


Church Evangelism: June 24 - 28 (1 sem. hr.) Dr. Louis Hill: President, Reformed Discipleship Ministries; Adjunct Professor of Spiritual Life and Theology, New Geneva Theological Seminary; D. Min., M.A.T.S., Reformed Theo. Sem.;  M. Ed., Auburn Univ.; B.A., Samford University; Conference Speaker; Director of Navigator’s small town and rural network.

Students will study the Biblical teaching on evangelism and various methods used today.


Church History II: July 1 - 12 (2 sem. hrs.) Dr. Tony Felich: Pastor, Redeemer PCA; D. Arts, Whitefield Seminary; D. Min. Candidate, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary; M. Div. Covenant Theological Seminary; B.A. Moody Bible Institute; Soccer Coach and Gardener.

The history of the church will be studied from the Sixth Century through the Protestant Reformation.


Biblical Geography and Archeology: July 15 -  July 26 (2 sem. hrs.) Dr. David W. Chapman: Professor of New Testament and Archaeology, Covenant Theological Seminary; Ph. D., Cambridge (England); M. Div. and M.A., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; B.A., Rice University.

These courses show how a geographical understanding of the Bible lands and archeological discovery sheds light on Biblical interpretation.

New Testament Theology: July 29 – August 9 (2 sem. hrs.) Dr. David W. Chapman: see credentials above.

The students will study theology as it is presented progressively in the New Testament.


Old Testament Poetry: August 12 - 23 (2 sem. hrs.) Dr. Dwight F. Zeller: see credentials above.

A survey of the structure and message of the O.T. poetic literature will be given.


Doctrine of Christ: July 26 – 30 (1 sem. hr.) Rev. Randy C. Martin: Pastor, Covenant Presbyterian Church, PCA; Biblical Studies Department Chair, Instructor in Ethics, Bakersfield Christian High School; M. Div., Covenant Theological Seminary; B.A. UCLA; Apologist and Writer.

A systematic theology of the person and work of Jesus the Christ, Son of God and Redeemer.


Malachi: June 4 - August 27 (1 sem. hr.) Dr. Andrew S. Zeller: President, Sangre de Cristo Seminary; D. Min., Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary; Th. M. Covenant Theological Seminary; M. Div., Sangre de Cristo Seminary; B.A. Covenant College; CPE Advanced Status; Pastor, Army Reserve Chaplain (COL) Ret.  

This is a weekly exegetical study of Malachi with application for today.


Public Worship: June 1 - August 24 (1 sem. hr.) Dr. Andrew S. Zeller: facilitator.

This is a time of sincere worship followed by a discussion. The students are exposed to different models of worship practiced by the instructors.


 Fall Semester

September 9 – December 13


Essentials of New Testament Greek: (10 sem. hrs.) Rev. Ryan K. Reynolds: D.Min. Candidate, Covenant Theological Seminary; M.Div., Sangre de Cristo Seminary; former Pastor, Redeemer Christian Fellowship, Roswell, New Mexico.

Students will learn the basics of New Testament Greek grammar and syntax and begin to translate and study the New Testament from the Greek.


Old Testament Survey II:  Prophets and Writings: (2 sem. .hrs.) Dr. Andrew S. Zeller.

This survey course will cover the background, purpose and content of the books of I Kings through Malachi.


Homiletics: (2 sem. hrs.) Dr. Andrew S. Zeller.

This course explores the principles of expository preaching.


Teaching, Preaching, Worship Seminar: (2 sem. hrs.) Facilitated by the Core Faculty.

Students will be supervised and evaluated in teaching Bible lessons, leading worship and preaching.


Greek Exegesis: (2 sem. hrs.); Prerequisite: N.T. Greek, Dr. Dwight F. Zeller.

Detailed studies of New Testament passages will be made from the Greek text.


Hebrew Exegesis: (2 sem. hrs.); Prerequisite: O. T. Hebrew, Dr. Dwight F.  Zeller.

Detailed studies of Old Testament passages will be made from the Hebrew text.


Greek and Hebrew Seminar: (2 sem. hrs. each); Prerequisite: O. T. Heb. and N. T. Greek, Dr. Dwight F. Zeller.

Seniors will prepare and teach sections of New and Old Testament passages and will present oral reports.