Culture of Results (COR) Planning and Evaluation Consulting Services

Training / Technical Assistance Services


Culture of Results Customer Needs Assessment

Preliminary meetings focus on desired results for training(s) and technical assistance for your core stakeholders and partners (such as your Board of Directors, Steering Committee, leadership, staff, funders and/or clients). Your and your clients’ cultures, values, and needs will be discussed to ensure alignment of tools and approach. We will present on potential tools and technical assistance packages to develop a work plan and timeline.

Results-based Accountability Staff/ Stakeholder Trainings

Introduction trainings will help prepare your team to understand and apply the Results-based Accountability (RBA) framework for planning, evaluating and improving the impact of your initiative. Specific exercises may include the “Whole Distance” exercise and “Building a Culture of Results” training. Activities may include: co-creating a result statement, identifying key measures for tracking impact, discussing current and potential strategies, understanding the story behind what is helping and hurting the work, and capturing performance measures. Follow up training(s) may help your team prioritize measures, map activities, and operationalize collection and analysis of outcome data.  

Scorecard Trainings

Scorecard introduction trainings provide staff an overview of the Clear Impact Scorecard and all critical features. This dynamic, web-based platform will help you communicate about the impact of your work in a visually appealing and easily understandable way. Trainings help staff develop basic skills and identify resources for further guidance.

Community Needs Assessment Support

We will research relevant community needs and indicators that relate to your initiatives to show how your program can work to contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of the community overall and/or specific groups. We can review existing data, conduct focus groups, and/or interview key stakeholders for information.

Strategic Planning or Prioritization Facilitation

We will help your team use data to develop and prioritize strategies for your community coalition or agency. Together we can think through evidence-based, innovative, and no cost or low cost solutions to help you “turn the curve” on the most pressing issues for your customers or community.

Strategic Plan Development

We will draft a strategic plan based on the results you envision and your prioritized strategies (using Microsoft Excel and Word formats). This plan can be shared with key stakeholders, funders, and your team to inform developments and help you break down activities and actions.  

Performance Measure Development Support

We will review key existing agency and program reports, funding requirements and other materials to capture current performance measures and work with your team to identify additional possible measures. We will consider how to measure “how much you do,” “how well you do it” and “how your customers are better off,” taking into account alignment across programs. This may include review of the stated program objectives, process reports, and other sources. We will consider both qualitative and quantitative methods for evaluation and research.

Strategic and Evaluation Plan Development

We will synthesize all findings from report review and trainings to develop a comprehensive evaluation plan, including data collection plan (using Microsoft Excel and Word formats).

Meeting Planning and Facilitation

We will help prepare action and data-driven agendas and facilitate meeting exercises using RBA tools and other evidence based methods.

Scorecard Development Support

We will work with your program staff to develop a Clear Impact Scorecard framework that aligns with the strategic and/or evaluation plan, relating your program performance measures to key population health indicators to track progress towards desired results.

Data Collection and Evaluation Plan Implementation Support

We will support implementation of the strategic and/or evaluation plan including action planning support, understanding the challenges and success, and process improvement. We will help collect, enter, and manage data for key performance measures, creating streamlined systems to ensure accountability.  

Scorecard Data Entry Support

We will work to populate the scorecard as the plan is implemented, including providing technical assistance for data collection and entry and scorecard building.

Data Analysis Support

We will support analysis of all data and development of conclusions and key findings. Additional programs to support statistical significance of data analysis can be employed as needed.

Final Report Support

Final support is provided for modifying the plan to fit funder-required reporting structures, generate future grant proposals, create annual reports, or for other communication needs.