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  1. Didymus Thomas Library

Minutes of February/March 2021

Present: Rick Lavallee, Carlleen Taylor,Eilleen Hamlin, Susan Bartholomew,  Sheila Harris, Sandi Deland, Lorraine Hefner, Lynn Surprenant, Anne Reilly, Veronica Marcouiller.  

Meeting was called to order at 7:30 PM.

Secretary's report was previously e-mailed and reviewed, with a motion to accept presented by Eilleen, and a second from Sheila.

Treasurer's report was also previously e-mailed and reviewed. Susan advised that there were no unusual expenses, and that the Smith Barney Checking Account included the money for the front steps. Carlleen made a motion to accept, and Sheila gave a second.

        Community Garden:  Erin Corrigan joined the meeting to discuss the Community Garden.  This will be the second year for the garden.   Discussed were the location of the raised and ground beds, fencing, a shed to store tools and supplies, and possibly a sign that would also serve as a community bulletin board.   A place for gardeners to leave extras of their crop for anyone to pick up was also discussed.  


        Property upkeep: Front steps:  Rick advised that Scott Lupini told him something will be started by April 1st. He also had told Rick that there will be no front entrance for several months during the replacement.  Scott said he will help set up a temporary entrance to the building.   The use of cones, tape/ribbon and plywood was discussed.  Rick said that he will talk with Scott and look into brighter bulbs and some signage, as well as string lights.  

              Parking lot:  There is no update this month.

              Annual Report:  This has been submitted.  Eilleen presented a motion to approve the annual report as submitted, and Carlleen gave a second.  




        Pandemic Plan- This was e-mailed to everyone for review.  Eilleen suggested edits to Page 4, to add to the employee part.  Eilleen made a motion to approve the Pandemic Plan as amended at the March meeting, and Lynn seconded.

        Book Sale:   Sandi and Lorraine advised that there were hundreds of books from donations, as well as discarded books from our library.  The book sale will take place with COVID protocols in place.  One person at a time will be allowed to view the books for sale on the tables.

        Utica OD link:  The usage number was 144 for the month of February.  It was reported that there were some issues with accessing the paper, but hopefully that will be resolved.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:20 PM.  Lynn made a motion, and Carlleen seconded.