Teresa Angell

NATEX                 One Open Digital Accepted

Rhonda Billington

NATEX                        Four Nature Digital Accepted

Two Nature Prints Accepted plus Bronze Medal for Grey Warbler

PSNZ Four Nations set - Bar Tailed Godwit

Jacky Challis

NATEX                        Three Nature Digital Accepted

NZ Camera                Penguins South Georgia

PSNZ Four Nations set – Penguins South Georgia

Shortlisted in Sigma Amateur Photographer of the Year

Neil Gordon

NATEX                 One Nature Digital Accepted

One Nature Print Accepted

NZ Camera                Lightning from Cumulonimbus Anvil

Isobel Gosling

National Photojournalism – One Accepted

Gavin Klee

NZ Camera                 Alone

Trenna Packer                Honours for his image in our club set

Shona Jaray

NATEX                        Three Open Print Accepted

Laurie Thomas        One Accepted

North Shore                Two Accepted,

Highly Commended for The Piper

PSNZ Four Nations set – Bronze for Cape Gooseberries

Caroline Ludford

NATEX                 Three Open Digital Accepted

Creative focus         Four Accepted.

North Shore                Three Accepted.

Carol Molineux

NATEX                        Three Nature Digital Accepted

Silver Medal for Coprinellus dissemmatus

Four Nature Print Accepted.

Laurie Thomas        1 Accepted – Tararua Clearance

NZ Camera                White-Capped Mollymawk in Southern Ocean

PSNZ Four Nations set - Tramping Hut

Eva Petro

Creative Focus        One Accepted

                        One Highly Commended

Hugh Scott

NATEX                        One Open Print Accepted

North Shore                One Open Digital Accepted

One Abstract Digital Accepted

NZ Camera                 Rainforest Rays

Alison Viskovic

NATEX                        One Open Print Accepted

One Open Digital Accepted

NZ Camera                Graceful Skeleton

PSNZ Four Nations set – Whitebaiting

Greg Whitfield

National Photojournalism -        One Accepted,

One Honours for Starting Young