2017 League Results

AA 1st Invictus

Siena Wilder, Ketryk Wilder, Jared Fishman, and Andy Fishman (Deanna Whittemore)

AA 2nd Cash Me Ousside

Adam Vaughn, Ariana Wilson, Katy Daniels, and Bill Beyer

A Gold 1st J & D

Joyce Chicoine, Josh Miller, Devin Racey, and Braden Racey (Darby Racey)

A Gold 2nd Minor Setbacks

Mike Merrill, Sondra Germer, Joel Fishman, and Don Austin

A Silver 1st Been There Passed That

Mia Waddell, Brendan Spulnick, Nicole Adams, and Donovan Suguitan

A Silver 2nd Curious Elephants

Jonathan Hicks, April Hicks, Lisa Liopiris, and Dan Batcher

BB 1st Sugar & Spike

Hollie Mau, Justin Sisson, Adam Urrey, and Mark Hay

BB 2nd Land Sharks

Sandy Lawrence, George Lawrence, Phil Wend,and Alex Lawrence (Ben Lawrence)