June 15, 2019

Creating an Administrative Agile Team: New Efficiencies for Community Based Organizations


Designed to serve people to address all their needs outside of fragmented traditional health care and social services settings, not-for-profit Community Based Organizations (CBOs) play a critical role in providing direct client services and engaging members of their communities in healthy behaviors.  With the expansion of the latest healthcare and social services initiatives CBOs have incurred added administrative burden and liability for audit findings due to new complex regulations and added functions such as the Omnibus Rule, the Department of Labor Fiduciary Responsibility Rule, and Medi-Cal waivers that push operational responsibility  to home and community based services. In the current competition-based business model, each CBO operates as a separate entity without the collaboration for business support that a consortium might provide. Because of limited resources, the operational infrastructure of an CBO can oftentimes be inefficient: risks remain unmanaged, and compliance with federal sentencing guidelines is uncertain. And yet, counties rely upon these grassroot organizations to provide mandated services.


A new model for administrative support services combines resources and achieves new economies of scale for the type of expertise required to provide efficiencies that avoid a shut-down, penalties and liability.   Specifically, community-based organizations now have access to flexibly formed, tiered administrative services through an Agile Team of licensed professionals. The team approach helps CBOs to eliminate onboarding and loss of communication between consultants who do not know of each other. Agile Team services include:

  1. CPA-level accounting compliant with Government Accounting Standards Board rules and United States 2 Code of Federal Regulations 200-230, 
  2. Pooled, cloud-based employee benefit administration by Certified Financial Planners, providing individualized benefits to employees,  
  3. Enterprise Risk Management by certified risk professionals with experience in public entity and corporate liabilities, insurance, audit and compliance, 
  4. Legal guidance by licensed attorneys who specialize in this field of law and related practice; and 
  5. Centralized cloud-based IT solutions that are secure, flexible and cost-efficient. 
  6. Revenue expansion by Certified Revenue Cycle Specialists to maximize reimbursement and secure funding against losses and revenue recovery. 


An Agile Team providing Administrative Support Services is available to CBOs through Walnut Creek Consulting. Administrative support is structured in tiers to accommodate CBOs’ individual needs:

Tier 1: Full support through the Administrative Agile Team, Third Party Payroll and Benefits Administration. 

Tier 2: Support through the Administrative Agile Team including Benefits Administration, Payroll remains with the CBO. 

Tier 3: Support through the Administrative Agile Team, Benefits Administration and Payroll remain with the CBO.   

Tier 4: Adhoc support for individual projects through the Agile Team. 


CBOs interested in receiving administrative support services will receive a confidential survey to identify their most pressing needs, a no-cost enterprise risk assessment, and timely access to needed services provided by a team of consultants who communicate with each other in a timely manner to keep themselves informed about organizational changes in the CBO they serve. That way the consultants fine tune their recommendations to achieve fully aligned organizational development.

For more information contact Stephan Betz, Ph.C., CCAP at walnutcc@hotmail.com.

A list of team members and a description of their professional expertise is available at https://www.walnutcc.org/contact.html.