-----SUCRÉ  SALÉ -----

Established 2014

109 Danbury Road

Ridgefield CT 06877




Chef/Owner: Frank. Bonnaudet

Les Soupes

  • Soupe a l’Onion

      French onion soup 8

  • Soupe du Jour

      Soupe of the day 8

Les Appetizers

  • Le Paté aux Truffes

      Truffles chicken liver paté & toasted Country Bread 10

  • Les Escargots à la Bourguignonne

      Snails in garlic butter sauce 10

  • Le Vol au Vent

      Diced French ham, mushrooms, sauce Mornay in puff pastry 9

  • Assiette de Saumon Fumé

      Atlantic smoked salmon, cream cheese, capers, chives, crispy shallots,  11

  • Croustillante d’ Endive au Noix et Roquefort

      Endive salad, Roquefort, walnuts, blue cheese vinaigrette 90

  • Quelques Moules

      Choices of our delicious mussels in a appetizer size 9

  • Charcuterie, Fromage Board

      Assorted of French charcuterie and cheese

      Cheese 15 charcuterie 15 combo 17

Les Salades

Add Grilled Chicken, 5 Grilled Shrimp 7 Grilled Salmon 12

  • Salade Paysanne

      Mixed green, tomatoes, cheddar, swiss, lardons, eggs, ham, light creamy Dijon dressing 15

  • Salade Périgord

      Mixed green, duck confit, caramelized onions, walnuts, hard boiled eggs, vinaigrette, crouton, tomatoes 15

  • Salade Fermière

      Haricots vert, tomatoes, olives, mixed green, croutons, balsamic vinaigrette 14

  • Salade de chèvre chaud

      Mesclun salad, roasted walnuts, puffed goat cheese, tomatoes, vinaigrette 14

  • Salade de la mer

     Mixed green, smoked salmon, provolone, hard boiled egg, tomatoes, croutons, vinaigrette 15


PEI Mussels & French Fries

  • Moules Marinières au Muscadet Wine muscadet sauce  21
  • Moules à la Moutarde Tomatoes, capers, anchovies & Dijon mustard sauce, $22.00
  • Moules Orientales Spicy harissa sauce, lemon confit & fresh cilantro 21
  • Moules Guinguette French bacon, tomatoes, saffron wine sauce 22


  • Steak Frites

Angus Striploin, French fries & salad. Choice of one sauce, Blue Cheese, shallots or 3                                                                                                                                                   peppers/cognac sauce 27  

  • L’ Escalope Normande

      Chicken breast, mushrooms, Normandy sauce, haricots vert & French fries 22

  • Assiette du Grilladin

     Merguez, grilled chicken, Ny striploin, Bearnaise sauce, French fries  32

  • Les Tagliatelles aux Crevettes

      Grilled shrimp, fettuccine & Pastis sauce $23.00

  • Le Saumon à l’ Oseille

      Baked Atlantic salmon, white butter sorrel sauce, basmati rice & sauteed spinach 27

  • Red Snapper

      Pan seared red snapper filet, Julienne de légumes,  & lobster sauce  26

  • L’ Omelette aux Champignons

       Brie, caramelized onions, mushrooms, salad & French fries 16


Served with French Fries & Salad

  • Le Cordon Bleu

      French baguette, ham, grilled chicken, Dijon mustard bechamel 16

  • Jambon Beurre Fromage

       Ham & Swiss on French baguette with butter & cornichons 14

  • Le Croque-Monsieur ( Madame with sunny side egg add $1.00 )

      Traditional French sandwich on country bread. Ham 16, smoked salmon 18

  • Le Sandwich Merguez

      French baguette, spicy lamb sausage, harissa mayonnaise 17

  • French Burger

     8 oz Ground Angus beef Angus, bacon, Swiss, tomatoes, caramelized onions

     Tomatoes, cornichons, brioche bun (blue cheese add $1.00) 16

  • Breizh Burger

      8 oz Ground Angus beef Angus, caramelized onions, Swiss & brie in a savory crêpe 16

La Crêperie

(Buckwheat or white flour crêpe, served with mixed green & duchess potatoes.

  • Galette complete

       Ham, Swiss, sunny side egg 14

  • Dijonnaise

      Country chicken sausage, old fashioned Dijon mustard sauce & melted brie 15

  • Veggie

      Spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms & goat cheese 15

  • Saumon Fumé

       Smoked salmon, cream cheese, chives & capers  17

  • Normandy

      Grilled chicken, mushrooms & Normandy sauce 16

  • Périgourdine

      Duck confit, tomatoes & caramelized onion 18

  • Fruits de Mer

      Assorted seafood, sauteed spinach  & Sauce Mornay 19

Les Quiches

(served with mixed Green)

  • Quiche Lorraine

      Lardons, Swiss  Cheddar 12

  • Epinard et Fromage de Chèvre

      Spinach & goat cheese 12

  • Quiche au saumon Fumé

      Smoked salmon & provolone 13

  • Tarte a L'Oignon

      Caramelized onions & cheddar  12

The sides  

  • French Fries 4
  • Haricots Vert 6
  • Mashed potatoes 6
  • Small Mesclum 5
  • Sauteed Spinach 5
  • Saffron rice 5

Gluten free items are not made in a gluten free kitchen.

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness

Les desserts

Les Crêpes

  • Crêpe au Sucre

      Sugar & whipped cream 5

  • Nutella

      Nutella, caramel sauce, whipped cream 8

  • Banana Chocolate

       Banana, chocolate sauce, whipped cream 8

  • Crêpe Tatin

      Caramelized apple, homemade vanilla ice cream, caramel, whipped cream 8

  • Triskell  

      Vanilla ice cream, Speculoos sauce, fleur de sel caramel, whipped cream 10

  • La Garrigue

      Fresh strawberries, strawberry sauce, grilled almonds, caramel, whipped cream  9

  • Peanut Butter

      Peanuts butter, warm chocolate sauce, Vanilla ice cream, whipped cream 9

  • Crêpe Flambées  

      Served on fire with Calvados, Grand Marnier or Armagnac, homemade Coffee ice cream      

      whipped cream 13

Les Classiques

  • Dame Blanche

      Chocolate & vanilla ice cream, grilled almonds, caramel & whipped cream 8

  • Crème Brûlée 8


  • Fraise  Melba

       Vanilla ice cream, grilled almonds, fresh strawberry, sea salt caramel & whipped cream $9.00

  • Proffitéroles

      Pastry balls stuffed with vanilla ice cream, W/cream, hot chocolate sauce, almonds $12.00

*splitting pates $5

* Corking fees $5 p/p

*20% gratuity added for party of 6 or more