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Design Contest

First Name______________________  AGE____

                                                            See Reverse side for more details

  1. Create a Valentines Day design in the circle-please no glue, staples, or glitter-only marker/crayons

       2. Submit it by 5:00pm Saturday, February 9th.

       3.  ONE winner will be awarded in each age group.  Each winner will receive a Heart Shaped

            cookie cake with their design on it.  A phone call will be made to each winner on Monday

            February 11th.  

      4.  Winning Cookies will be ready for pick up on Wednesday, February 13th at 3PM.  

Age Groups---circle one

5 and under                        6-9                                       10-12 

Parent Contact Information----Please Print

Parent Name____________________________________________________

Parent Phone Number____________________________________________

Email Address___________________________________________________

Please let us know if you do not give us permission to post your child’s picture on social media.