6th grade Art Curriculum at a Glance

 6th grade Art

Students will be introduced to many different types of two-dimensional media and techniques.  Basics of the Elements of Design will be presented with opportunities to experiment with different avenues of expression.   Emphasis will be put on careful planning, Creativity, Effort, Craftsmanship/Skill, and Group cooperation. Each Student will be responsible to research an artist of the month.

Week 1-2:  Abstract Name Drawing

Element of Art - Line - value

Week 3: 1 point perspective
Element of Art - Space - value

Weeks 4-5: Clay Loom
Element of Art - Form - texture

Weeks 6: Figure Drawing / Form
Element of Art - Form-line

Weeks 7-8: Oil Pastel
Element of Art -Color  

Weeks 9: Collaborative Collage
Element of Art - Texture- shape