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FAA Test Prep Curriculum

Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate


This class is laser-focused on getting you ready to pass the FAA written test to become a certified commercial drone pilot.


Because this is an accelerated class, you will be expected to spend about five hours studying on your own.  You’ll get all of the study materials and full access to our online video course.

If you are taking the one-day course, you’ll be expected to study a few of these topics on your own by watching the online videos during your five hours of self-study time.  You’ll be provided with a specific list of videos to watch.

Unit 1: Drone Regulations

You will learn:

Unit 2: Airspace and Map Reading

You will learn:

Unit 3: Weather Factors

You will learn:

Unit 4: Aircraft Loading and Performance

You will learn:

Unit 5: Normal and Emergency Operations

You will learn: