Cupertino Union School District

Lottery FAQ

Last updated 2/11/19 5:10 pm

Question: How often will the live waitlist be updated?

Answer: We will update the live waitlist every Friday afternoon at 2:00 pm until all known vacant seats are filled.  We expect this process to run through March 29, 2019.

Questions: My child is a sibling, why are they on the waitlist?

Answer:  ALL submissions are put on the waitlist, available kindergarten spots at all alternative schools and first grade at Faria, will be notified of placement on February 25, 2019, and are required to sign and accept their spot within 72 hours of the date stamp on the email.

Question: I have my lottery number and waitlist number, what is the process for notification if space becomes available for my child.

Answer: Starting on February 25, 2019, vacant spaces will begin being offered for Kindergarten at all alternative schools and first grade at Faria. Notifications and acceptance will be sent electronically.  If you applied to multiple alternative schools and got into multiple alternative schools you will receive one form per child per school. You may only accept ONE alternative school placement. We will continue to update the live waitlist; after March 29, 2019, any additional spaces offered to families will be done by a phone call, rather than a form.

Question: What is the difference between my child's lottery number and waitlist number?

Answer: Your child's lottery number is the number given by the random electronic lottery. Your waitlist number indicates where your child's name is on the waitlist at each school where you attended a tour.

Question: Is the waitlist for the entire school?

Answer: No, the waitlist number is per school for the grade you applied.

Question:  If I do not get into an alternative school for the 2019-2020 school year, do I need to reapply?

Answer: The waitlists will be a living list that rolls forward each year. Each year, waitlist positions may shift slightly due to sibling and staff priority.

Question:  How quickly do I need to respond to either accept or decline a school offered:

Answer: Once notified of placement options, Parent/Guardian must respond within 72 hours of the date stamp on the email. If a response is not received, the lottery application will become void and families will need to re-apply at a later date.
Question: If I applied to multiple schools, what happens to my waitlist spot at other schools when I accept a spot?

Answer: Once Parent/Guardian accepts an Alternative School placement for their child, that child will be removed from all other Alternative School waitlists.

Question: How does sibling priority work?

Answer: Once a sibling starts school in an alternative school program, the sibling who also applied for the same school lottery has sibling priority. This does not mean space will automatically be available, that is dependent upon other siblings on the waitlist as well as priority placement per policy.