ICS Calendar Title: Grace as an Aesthetic Concept

ICS Course Code: ICS 220103 F18; ICH3758HS L0101 / ICH6758HS L0101

Instructor: Dr. Rebekah Smick

Term and Year: Tuesdays, 1:45pm - 4:45pm, Fall 2018

Location: ICS Boardroom, Knox College

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1. Course Description

2. Reading Schedule

3. Course Objectives

4. Description and Weighting of Elements to be Evaluated

5. Required Readings

6. Some Recommended Readings

1. Course Description

For much of the Western art tradition, the concept of grace has been an important critical concept for its ability to capture the often elusive quality of artistic affect. Often referred to as the “je ne sais quoi” of art - that something extra that cannot be explained – grace even supplanted beauty for many writers (from Giorgio Vasari to Friedrich Schiller) as the highest artistic ideal. Often missing from modern analyses of the concept, however, are its theological foundations. This seminar style course will exam the concept of grace within its theological, philosophical, literary, and art theoretical contexts in an effort to understand both its historical significance and its potential usefulness for the philosophy of art today. We will look at a variety of texts (e.g. from Plato, Cicero, the Pseudo-Dionysius, Dante, John Calvin, Alexander Pope, Friedrich Schiller, Martin Heidegger) as well as works of art for which grace is an important and defining aesthetic concept.

2. Reading Schedule

1. 8 Jan


  • Heidegger, “Poetically Man Dwells”

2. 15 Jan

Rhetorical, Biblical, and Mystical Grace

  • Demetrius, On Style, III. 128-150; Dionysius of Halicarnassus, On Literary Composition, XI (121-123,135); Pliny the Elder, Chapters, XXXV, 36, 79ff; Cicero, De Oratore, I, 5, 17; Quintilian, Institutio, VI, 111, 18
  • Paul, 1 Cor. 12; Rom. 6:23
  • Plotinus, Ennead VI.7.21 and 22

3. 22 Jan

Early Christian

  • Augustine, The Confessions, Books 9, 11 and 13; De Doctrina Christiana  
  • Pseudo-Dionysius, The Celestial Hierarchy, 145-155

4. 29 Jan


Virtue and Grace

  • Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologiae, I-II, 109, 1, 9 ad 2; 110, 1, 2 ad 2, 3 ad 3; 111, 4 and 5; 112, 1, 2

5. 5 Feb

Gratia Gratis Data

  • Guillaume de Lorris and Jean de Meun, The Romance of the Rose, 20787-21145
  • Dante, The Divine Comedy, Inferno, Cantos I and II; Purgatorio, Cantos XXX, XXXI and XXXIII; Paradiso, Cantos I, X, XVII, XVIII, XXIV, XXXIII

6. 12 Feb

The Coloured Surface

  • Baldessare Castiglione, The Book of the Courtier, 65-80
  • Ludovico Dolce, The Aretino (excerpts)

16-20 Feb

Reading Week no class

7. 26 Feb


The Living Image

  • John Calvin, Institutes, XIV, 1-15; XVII, 1-34

8. 5 Mar


  • William Shakespeare, The Tempest

9. 12 Mar


Honest Beauty

  • William Shakespeare, Hamlet

10. 19 Mar

A Grace Beyond the Reach of Art

  • Alexander Pope, An Essay on Criticism

11. 26 Mar

Weimar Classicism

  • Friedrich Schiller, On Grace and Dignity

12. 2 Apr

Romantic Grace

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von Schelling, The Evolution of the Graceful in Art

13. 9 Apr

The Gift

  • Jean-Luc Marion, “Sketch”

3. Course Objectives

4. Description and Weighting of Elements to be Evaluated

5. Required Readings

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6. Some Recommended Readings

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