Recently the College Board sent me an email outlining proposed changes to AP World History starting in 2019. I am troubled and angry over this proposal. I have been teaching the course since 2010 and my students often communicate the value of the course to their lives. Here are my concerns:

1. By jettisoning Eras 1-3 from assessment, you are gutting the course. This contains much of the truly global history that students are not exposed to in other courses.
2. Further, focusing in Eras 4-6 coincides with Europe and the USA’s dominance in the world. This replicates an all too common Eurocentric narrative that is a disservice to the course.
3. Eras 4-6 are already covered in AP US History and AP European History. Why the duplication? Eras 1-3 are what made the course unique.
4. The College Board is implementing changes to the AP World course at an increasing rate. Teachers need time to adjust.
5. This change puts schools that can’t afford new textbooks and have limited copy budgets, like mine, at a disadvantage to other schools.
6. The motivation for this change seems purely greed—the CB is trying to sell its “Pre-AP World” product, and this is their solution.

I am disappointed in you, College Board. Please rethink your changes to then curriculum and at least include Era 3.


Sarah Makarechian

Northglenn High School, Colorado