Woodland Elementary

Bus Rider Procedures

School Bus


Students that ride the bus to school will need to work hard to be to their assigned bus stop on time each day; the bus driver has to stay on schedule and cannot wait for those running late.  Students’ buses arrive to each stop at varying times, depending on the proximity to the school.  Before the start of the school year, bus drivers will contact each family and let parents/guardians know what time students need to be at the bus stop in the morning.  The bus will arrive to Woodland at approximately 8:45.  Those students that are purchasing breakfast at school will enter the building at 8:45 and proceed to the cafeteria.  Students not purchasing breakfast at school will enter the building at 8:50 and proceed directly to their classrooms.


Students that ride the bus home after school will board the bus at approximately 3:30, with the buses typically leaving Woodland approximately 3:35.  Students arrival time back to their bus stop will vary depending on their location.  Bus drives will contact families before the start of school to inform parents/guardians of anticipated arrival time back to the bus stop at the end of each school day.

Please be sure your child knows their bus number and bus driver’s name on the first day of school.

If there is ever a delay to a bus schedule on a specific day, the school office will communicate changes to families through the use of the TSC alert system so be sure to sign up to receive messages and alerts.