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 MJA Vineyards is a fun place to go wine tasting. The winery’s busy tasting room always has lots going on, both inside and outside. At a recent visit there, the talented Andy Fuhrman was playing solo guitar on the patio, singing songs from his abundant repertoire of bluegrass, folk, blues, rockabilly, and more. MJA is a great spot to hang out, especially on weekends. And don’t miss the Tacos El Chuy served up on Sundays.

MJA Vineyards founder Marin Artukovich makes wine under two labels, Davine Cellars and Serene Cellars. His Serene Cellars Sauvignon Blanc 2017 ($30) has delicious floral notes of apricot and orange blossom, and flavors of bright young fruits. “Citrus and pineapple dance on your tongue with a hint of honey,” says Artukovich. “And a crisp, dry finish keeps you coming back for more.” Pale straw in color, this tasty Sauvignon Blanc, made with Napa-harvested grapes, is a beautiful summer wine.

As a coffee grower in Kona, Artukovich has strong ties to Hawaii. Not only does he make superb wines, but his coffee, which he has for sale in the his tasting room, is par excellence as well. As Artukovich likes to say, “Come experience the Aloha at either one of our tasting rooms.”




Thank you very much for your participation in the 80th Anniversary of the Los Angeles International Wine Competition.

Congratulations you have received 1 Best of Class Award and 1 Gold Medal Award and a 95 Point Score!

The 2019 Los Angeles International Wine Competition received 2,350 wines from 800 wineries. There were a total of 155 Best of Class Awards, 519 Gold Medal Awards, 1,013 Silver Medal Awards and 535 Bronze Medal Awards.  The competition received wines from 19 countries; Argentina, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Ukraine and the United States of America.

Attached is  your entry and results list, we will begin the process of mailing out the awards next week.  The results are posted on the website www.lawinecomp.com

From the Good Times Magazine-

       Marin Artukovich is an ace at producing wine—and he loves the challenge. He makes 46 different kinds! And Artukovich says he very seldom duplicates a wine.

On a recent visit to his tasting room at MJA Vineyards, I was spoilt for choice, but Artukovich is always ready to step in with a few suggestions. He’s a wealth of information about everything to do with the grape, so allow plenty of time to try his fabulous elixirs and soak everything in.

Artukovich is the owner of MJA, where David Middleton is the winemaker. The winery has two labels under this umbrella, DaVine Cellars and Serene Cellars. I’m nuts about good Rosés, and Artukovich has a great one. All his wines are given a name, and the Rosé ($30) is called “Complicated.”Labelled NV (non-vintage, meaning the wine is made from grapes from more than one harvest), this earthy wine has delicious stewed fruit and herb flavors. And the almost-ruby color is an indication of the full-on fruit that lies within. One of Artukovich’s goals is to “build a big wine club that stays with me.” And when you’re a wine club member at MJA, you’ll be in for lots of treats. Wine club members get 30% off their wine. “I don’t have a middleman, so wine club members get the benefit,” Artukovich says.





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 Summit Tasting Room & Vineyards

Real Property                24900 Highland Way Los Gatos, CA 95033

Parcel number            #098-321-12

MLS #                         ML81692721 Real Property MLS

Vineyard                ½ Pinot, ½ Cabernet/1 Acre currently planted/ can clear and plant ~4ac

                                   Santa Cruz Mountains AVA

Zoning                        Commercial/Residential Mixed Use -

                                   Unique property zoning

Lot Size                      ~16.95 Acres

Square Footage -2040 sqft Currently used as:  

Tasting Room, Wine Library, private party room and wine tastings. Outdoor tastings under the canopy with live music, various picnic areas/tables, hiking trails plus huge upside potential for expansion of event venue.

Medical office- leased to Chiropractor  Rents annual total: $46,200

Medical office- leased to Dentist, long term Tenant, ~10 years

Water: holding tank size 10,000 gallons, 100 ft. depth of well, GPM (coming soon)

Septic & Leach field  (see plat map)

Propane  ~200 Gallons

Garbage Service - Green waste

Paved Parking Lot / with one way entrance and exit/25+ spaces/ handicap available


Improvements consist of:  Patio, vineyard, canopy, Fire pits,

paved parking and driveway, cleared and planted 1 acre vineyard of ½ acre pinot noir and ½ acre cabernet sauvignon  

Easements, Preliminary Title Report

Westside Tasting Room & Cellar

Leased Building: Ingalls Street #A Santa Cruz California 95060

Location: Swift Street Courtyard, 21 retail stores/restaurants/beer & wine tasting.

Close proximity to Beautiful West Cliff Drive, UCSC, Surfing Steamers Lane, hiking and biking   Wilder Ranch and enjoying Natural Bridges State Parks

Located just 50 minutes to Mountain View, Google, Apple, Facebook

SQFT   ~12,000 of tasting rooms, office, kitchen, bathroom, barrel room and cellar room plus outdoor patio & decorative vineyard, ample parking including handicapped


MLS#                          ML81692856  Ingalls MLS

Description-                Winery, Tasting Room/ Wine bar Cellar, Warehouse,

                                   Outdoor tastings fire pits, live music on the patio

Tasting Room Indoor/Outdoor Patio seating with firepits and Live Music

44 select wines to taste

Kona Coffee, Chocolate covered Kona coffee beans

Events, Cinema in the Cellar, Souper Tuesday



Mistral Table


2 Forklifts

Jacketed Tank


Jacketed Tank closed top heat/cool


Jacketed Tank closed top heat/cool


Jacketed Tank closed top heat/cool


Jacketed Tank closed top heat/cool


Jacketed Tank closed top heat/cool


Jacketed Tank closed top heat/cool


Jacketed Tank closed top heat/cool


Porta tank 3


Basket Press




Fermentation Tanks

3"8 ton" open

Fermentation Tanks

3 "4 ton" open

Fermentation Tanks

2 "6 ton" open

Fermentation Tanks

1 "15 ton" open

Air compression Tanks

Aqua tool pressure washer

Central chiller system hooked  2 tanks on demand

Pure water system

Picking bins

~. 80

Barrel Racks


Portable tank heater

French Oak Barrels


Positive displacement pumps


POS System


Screen Projector

Cinema in cellar

5 Kilo Coffee Roaster

~ $15k


The evolution of MJA has been an adventurous one. Our founder Marin John Artukovich comes from a long lineage of CROATIAN winemakers. Although he was the first generation of his family to be born in the US, Marin grew up immersed in the culture of traditional European wine making. He worked alongside his father in their family business and spent his free time surfing and playing professional beach volleyball. To no ones surprise, after years of hard work, Marin decided to follow his passions to Hawaii for retirement, where he quickly fell in love with the people and the land. Always the entrepreneur, he found that he had a talent for growing Kona coffee, and for over 20 years he has farmed the best Kona Coffee available. During the process of farming the land, and handcrafting from its bounty, the winemaker in him was awakened. In 2008, Marin purchased vineyards in NAPA and made his first barrel of MJA wine under the SERENE CELLARS label. In 2011, he purchased more land in the SANTA CRUZ MOUNTAINS, where our DAVINE CELLARS wines are made. From Croatia to Hawaii, to Napa, to Santa Cruz…when you visit our tasting rooms or drink our wines, we swear you can taste the journey and feel the ALOHA!


Property Package Includes

Brand, Label and all intellectual property

Equipment, real property, mixed use, long term tenants

Wine Inventory

Grapes sourced from unique vineyards

Kona Coffee relationships

Highly successful unique business


Good Will

Wine making equipment and storage


        24900 Highland Way Los Gatos

Westside Cellar  328 Ingalls Street

The Santa Cruz Mountains has played a pivotal role in the history of winemaking in California, with roots going back over 100 years, and including legendary winemakers such as Paul Masson, Martin Ray, David Bennion (Ridge), and David Bruce. The precedence set by these legendary figures (along with best and sustainable practices in the vineyards and wineries) can be tasted today in our world-class wines.

Recognized as an AVA in 1981, the Santa Cruz Mountains Appellation was among the first to be defined by its mountain topography, following the fog line along the coast to encompass our highest vineyards on the ridgetops at 2600’ elevation. Our vineyards and wineries and the wines they produce reflect this mountain terrain, and their proximity to the ocean and the resulting maritime climate.

SCM-AVA_Everyvine_BoundaryThe appellation encompasses approximately 480,000 acres, from Woodside in the north to Watsonville (Mount Madonna) in the south, some 60 miles as the crow flies and 100 miles to drive. Within this area are some 60+ wineries and over 200small vineyards growing approximately 1300 acres of winegrapes, divided about ¼ evenly among Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and ‘other’ varietals (most notably Merlot and Zinfandel). A single vineyard in some appellations has as much if not more acreage as we have in our entire appellation! Our winegrapes are rare and in demand.

Our broad region is marked by diverse microclimates: warm on the eastern (inland) side where Zinfandel, Cabernet, and Merlot predominate; and on the coastal side and ridgetops, cooled by ocean breezes and fog, cooler climate varietals such as Pinot Noir are grown. Soils are varied (decomposed rock, clay, loam, limestone); an abundant mineral content often releases a fresh, mineral character to the wines.

The region’s vineyards actively support sustainable winegrape growing. Our winegrowers have used best vineyard and sustainable practices, including cover crops, erosion control, canopy management, for decades. Since the first sustainable workshops in 2004 the region has seen an increase in the adoption of sustainable vineyard practices. Some have adopted alternative energy such as solar and biodiesel. Several vineyards grow organically, and one is certified organic by the CCOF.

Santa Cruz Mountains wines reflect our special mountain terroir and, notwithstanding the different varietals and winemakers, typically are known for their minerality and balanced acidity, their complex flavors and long finish, and their ability to age. The result is wine that pairs particularly well with complementary foods, and age worthy wine that matures and improves in the bottle.


Santa Cruz

Hand to fish

Silicon Valley


Capitol Club


Los Gatos




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