Hilson has a tennis team!
We will have a one-day tournament in May, thanks to the Ontario Tennis Association. We can take 2 boys and 2 girls from Grade 3, 4, 5, and 6. It will be a small team but there will be lots of interest! To be considered for the team, you have to do the following:

One page maximum for all of this please!

  1. Write about tennis! Why you like it, interesting things, etc.  (2 paragraphs for Gr 3/4, 3 paragraphs for Gr 5/6)

I would like it to be only the student’s writing, not by parents please!

2.. Find 5 vocabulary terms that are specific to tennis and write them down in dictionary format in your words

(example volley: when you hit a ball before it bounces on the ground)

3. Do a fun colourful drawing of something interesting about tennis!

DUE: Wednesday, April 11 at recess
.  No lates please!  After this we will do some practices and play some mini-games.

The team will be chosen by drawing names of players who show good enthusiasm, big effort and a positive attitude at school.  

Middle French Immersion.

Registration for Middle French Immersion (MFI) for September 2018 is ongoing!  Please call the school (613-728-4607) or visit the office for more information.

Right-click here (and choose “open link in new tab/window”) for a PDF slideshow with information about Hilson Avenue school and the Middle French Immersion program.

March Break
The school is closed from March 12-16.

Parent car pick-up and drop-off:

Please do not park on the west side of Hilson Avenue. No students should be crossing between the school busses and school transportation vans, even with adults.

parent pick up map.jpg