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FOX PE funding and provision
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Fox School sports funding allocation and outcomes 2021-2022

Fox Federation mission statement and values:

We work together to enable all children to reach their full potential, to make a difference and to create positive experiences. The Fox Federation values are:

Fox PE aims:

At Fox we recognise the importance of PE to the health and well being of children and believe that Physical Education is an essential part of a child’s educational development. We believe that a progressive, varied PE curriculum and extra curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of our children.

We aim to:

Our PE sports funding will enable us to help fund specialist PE teachers to work alongside class teachers, enter local and national sports competitions,  and provide a wide variety of extra-curricular sports opportunities

Sports funding allocation 2021-2022 – £19,320

Approximate sports expenditure £19,669 + Full time PE teacher costs

Fox PE Sports Funding Targets 2021-2022:

The following targets were  identified to improve the quality and quantity of PE at Fox. The sports funding was used to support these targets.

Target 1  To increase the engagement of all pupils in physical activity



 Intended Impact


Provide a wide range of activities within the curriculum and at break and lunch times

Develop zones within the playgrounds to encourage physical activity

Increase the number of before and after school activities and ensure children are targeted to attend these

Purchase additional equipment to encourage physical activities - skipping ropes, hoops, soft balls, hoppers etc

Train support staff so they can lead activities at lunchtimes

Introduce skipping lessons at the beginning of PE lessons to then encourage skipping at play and lunch

Children to be  more motivated to take part in physical activities during free times as well as building on skills that have been learnt in PE lessons.

At lunchtimes, children have focused physical activities each day.

More clubs on offer (and at different times of the day) to ensure  that there is an increase in the numbers of pupils accessing extra curricular activities


Target 2 Increase participation in competitive sport



Intended Impact


Increase the number of children taking part in competitive sports and representing the school

Ensure that a wider range of all pupils have opportunities to represent the school

Instil the school values of respect, resilience, collaboration and Inclusion through competitive sport)

Increased participation through the Kensington Primary Sports Partnership:

  • Additional competitive sports identified in order to engage more pupils.
  • Sport teams provided with additional free sports coaching
  • Fox to host local competitions provided easier accessible/ cheaper sports provision to encourage local schools to join competitions.
  • Termly Federation wide sports days identified in Years4/5/6
  • Use staff with sports expertise to engage children through school clubs
  • Employ specialist teachers to provide higher levels of sports coaching expertise

Being        a part        of the        Kensington  Primary        Schools Sports Partnership will provide         us with greater opportunity  at all local        festivals, tournaments and competitions.

Children to instill school values and understand the importance of these in school sports.

A wider range of children having the opportunity to represent the school at a competitive level. All children represent the school by the time they leave Year 6.

Highly skilled coaches enabling children to perform at a higher level.



Target 3 Provision for swimming over and above the requirement in the National Curriculum



Intended Impact


All pupils in Years 4 and 5 to be able to swim 10m

All pupils in Years 4 and 5 be confident in the water

Pupils to exceed the expectations for swimming by  the end of KS2

Years 4 and 5 to have 1.5 terms of swimming per year.

Fox to use 2 x qualified swimming coaches to provide expert swimming tuition.

Fox to train 3 x lifeguards

By the end of Year 6 at least 90% of children are able to swim 25m competently and use a range of strokes.

All children to swim 10m competently.


Target 4 Broader experience of a range of sports and activities offered to all pupils



Intended Impact


To ensure all pupils have access to extended schools provision

To ensure there is an increased number of children taking part in extra -curricular activities

Increase the range of extra curricular activities on offer

Broaden the times of time the activities are offered

To offer a wider range of sporting activities in extended schools offer.

Target  those pupils        who do not take up additional PE         and Sport opportunities.

Children identified at the Inclusion meeting. To include PP and vulnerable children.

Keep register of children attending clubs.

More children are provided with the opportunity to participate in sporting activities outside the curriculum. To include:

  • Football club
  • Girls football club
  • Table tennis clubs (beginners to advanced)
  • Mini tennis
  • Mini fitness
  • Mini gym
  • Basketball club
  • Netball club
  • Mini hockey club
  • Running club
  • Mini running club
  • Mini circuits
  • Elite table tennis coaching for current and ex-pupils. Regional and national level.

Ensure the offer is of a high calibre. All clubs to be observed by senior leader once throughout the year.

Higher levels of enjoyment, engagement fitness amongst targeted children. Pupil voice to be built into extended schools offer.


Target 5 Additional Physical Activity Sessions following COVID lockdowns



Intended Impact


To ensure children return to pre covid fitness levels

To ensure children’s well-being is enhanced by additional physical activity

To provide all children with additional PE lessons throughout the year by employing additional PE teacher time.

To ensure additional PE time is targeted to include a combination of fitness and enjoyment.

Children’s fitness progress levels  to be measured Beep Test.

Children’s enjoyment and engagement to be measured through pupil questionnaire

Children become fitter and more able to access a wider range of sporting activities

Children well being and happiness is improved as a result of additional fitness/sporting activities

Children concentration levels in class are enhanced by becoming fitter.


Impact of PE Sports Funding 2021-2022: