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Frequently Asked Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. My child will turn 13 on the trip, can s/he still apply?
  1. All students who are 12 or younger at the date of departure from their home country are invited to apply.
  1. I absolutely must speak to my child while they are on the trip, is this possible.
  1. No. Students are not to contact home as an ISSE Delegate. The adults on the trip are encouraged to stay in contact with families, and students are encouraged to create a blog or Facebook to communicate with their home school and families.
  1. Are there background checks for the hosting families?
  1. No, but the home school visits each host home and looks for a child-only bathroom, and child-only sleeping area.
  1. I’m a teacher going with ISSE, how often am I expected to communicate with my home school?
  1. Please plan on communicating at least three times a week, not to exceed once a day, while at the hosting school, not including the weekend. The suggestion is that a student (either single, or with a partner) update your blog, Facebook, etc., with what happened that day and some photo highlights. ISSE asks that upon your return, you send in ONE post (written by the adult) and TEN photos. This is done by the VISITING school EVERY time.
  1. The TEN photos must be…
  1. 4:3 Ratio (6.2 MP) 2880x2160 size (approximately - in other words a large file)
  2. Pictures of students interacting, doing something fun
  3. Culturally relevant
  4. Colorful
  5. Limit to ONE group standing shot
  6. Fill out form on (Tell Your ISSE Story) within 10 days of returning home
  7. We will post the photos under the hosting school gallery on the website
  1. I’m interested in joining the ISSE program. What does my school need to do?
  1. Please see the “Steps to Participate in ISSE” at the bottom of the home page.
  1. Who is my school exchanging with this year?
  1. Please see the “Exchanges” portion of the website.