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Northgate High School

Walk Through Registration


  1. Complete MDUSD’s Data Verification process via your parent  HomeLink account--available beginning 8/1/18.  Click here for instructions. You must use a parent Homelink account to complete the data verification, not a student account.  Print your student emergency card and bring to Walk Through for speedier data verification processing*.
  2. Complete your locker contract and bring it with you. Click here for contract.
  3. If you have an incoming 9th grade student, you will need to verify residency with Northgate.  Visit our school office between 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. from August 2 through August 10 (with special extended hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Tuesday, August 7 and Wednesday, August 8) to complete this process.  All 9th grade families are required to provide three forms of documentation to verify residency for the school.   Click HERE for further  information on 9th grade residency verification.
  4. Save time… Click here to donate to PFC and here to purchase PE uniforms, yearbooks and ASB stickers online beginning August 1!  
  5. Pay online at for school pictures if you would like to pre-order, using Northgate’s Picture Day ID code BY118039Q0.hnn
  6. Prepay for some student lunches online to help expedite lunch lines during the first week of school.  Visit MDUSD’s food services here for more information or pay directly via .  



Wednesday, August 15

12th Grade = 8:00–9:30am              

11th Grade = 9:30–11:00am

10th Grade = 12:30–2:00pm               

9th Grade = 2:00–3:30pm

Thursday, August 16

Make-up day: 7:00am in the cafeteria area.

Note: Schedules WILL NOT be available before 7:00am


  1. To save time, please pay ahead online.  We will accept checks and credit cards on Walk Through day.  
  2. Any WebStore receipts you generate, including those for ASB sticker purchases or Spirit Packages*.
  3. Your printed emergency card from MDUSD’s online data verification process.

IMPORTANT CHANGES in Walk Through protocol:  Please have your student arrive during his or her designated  grade-level time.  If you have children in multiple grades, each child will need to come at his or her designated grade time to help make this one-day Walk Through as efficient and successful as possible.

Residency verification for 9th graders must be completed in person between August 2 and 10 in Northgate’s school office.  Click here for further information about 9th grade residency verification and for the school’s office hours on each of these dates.  

Online classroom donations will be available beginning at Back-to-School night in September this year.  

Students must be present at Walk Through to have their school ID photos taken so that they may receive their schedules.  Parents who have completed district data verification, 9th grade residency verification, PFC donations and PE uniforms/yearbooks/ABS sticker purchases in advance online need not attend Walk Through.  

School forms must be completed through Homelink online prior to registration!File:1NumberOneInCircle.png - Wikimedia Commons

  • Confirmation of Data Verification--completed in advance via Homelink.  Parents must register their students through Homelink prior to Walk Through! Click HERE for instructions and then please bring your printed emergency card from the online MDUSD data verification process with you to show at Station 1 for a speedier Walk Through process*.   The district needs current emails, updated emergency contacts with current phone numbers, and current medical information for your child.  Accurate data is vital for your child's safety. If you have any questions related to online registration, please contact the main office at (925) 938-0900. 
  • Confirmation of residency verification for incoming 9th graders.  Click HERE for information on address verification.
  • PFC donations
  • Senior Class of 2019 -- Get an early start on GRAD NIGHT 2019 by turning in the Required Centre Concord Waiver. The Release & Waiver form can be printed, signed, and dropped off at this station. Please be sure to include your senior's name on the form. Click here to print the waiver form.

STATION 2:  TREASURER (optional)
Skip this station by making your purchases at home online.File:2NumberTwoInCircle.png - Wikimedia Commons

School Items for Purchase

  • ASB Sticker (a-la-carte)  $60
  • Spirit Package (Yearbook, ASB Sticker) $150
  • Yearbook $110
  • PE Uniform $30

Online classroom donations will be available beginning at Back-to-School night in September this year.

Payment Options

  • Pay by credit card right now at our NHS WebStore. There are NO FEES for payments on the WebStore. If online payments are made, please bring a copy of your receipt for payment verification of any ASB stickers purchased.  Please note that ASB  fundraising donations are nonrefundable.
  • Pay by check or credit card at Walk Through Registration. Checks should made payable to “Northgate High School.”  Please write student’s name on memo line.

File:3NumberThreeInCircle.svg - Wikimedia Commons

Prepay for Student Lunches

A cafeteria representative may be present at Walk Through to accept check and cash prepayments for student meals.  If so, and you are interested in prepaying, look for the representative at the cash registers inside the cafeteria, on your right as you walk towards the photography station.  

Meal prepayments help decrease the time spent in the lunch line during at school.  To prepay online, click on  

Student meals may be paid by:

  • Credit card payment, accepted only online through
  • Cash or check if paid at Walk Through or at the cafeteria once school begins.
  • Click here for breakfast and lunch meal price information.

All students, including seniors, are required to have their picture taken for their student ID card. These photos will also go in the school yearbook.File:4NumberFourInCircle.png - Wikimedia Commons

Submit Your Order

  • ONLINE with Lifetouch at and by using code BY118039Q0.  ~ OR ~
  • PRINT and FILL OUT the photo order form and write a check for your order on Walk Through day. Forms will be available at the Photo Station.

STATION 5:  STUDENT IDFile:5NumberFiveInCircle.png - Wikimedia Commons

Pick up Student ID Card

  • Show payment receipt for ASB sticker to parent volunteer to have an ASB sticker added to your ID card.
  • Remember to verify that all information is correct on card.

STATION 6:  CLASS SCHEDULEFile:6NumberSixInCircle.png - Wikimedia Commons

Pick up Student Class Schedule

  • If there is an error or a hole in your schedule, please visit with School Admin at Station A for add/drop requests.

Important Note

  • Schedules will not be released without a 2018–2019 student ID card and confirmation that the emergency card information has been turned in. No photos of schedules may be taken.

STATION 7:  TEXTBOOK CHECKOUTFile:7NumberSevenInCircle.png - Wikimedia Commons

Check Out Textbooks

  • Proceed to the library (enter through the front door)
  • Show your class schedule to a volunteer who will assist you in finding your books.
  • With your new photo ID in your hand, proceed to the checkout terminals and check out your books
  • Please exit the library through the back door.

 File:8NumberEightInCircle.png - Wikimedia Commons


  • Please complete a Locker Assignment form to obtain a locker for the school year.
  • You may leave your textbooks in your locker now, if you'd like.

Additional Resources & Information

Frequently Asked Questions 

What if I cannot complete my address verification for my 9th grade student?

You will not under any circumstances be allowed to complete Walk Through Registration if you cannot verify your address. By district mandate there are no exceptions to this policy. We recommend speaking to your assigned VP PRIOR TO Walk Through if you do not believe you can show proof of residency.  

Can I obtain my student's schedule before Walk Through Registration?


How long will Walk Through Registration take?

The answer to this question depends on how much preparation you are able to accomplish in advance of Walk Through day. If you are able to complete all online paperwork prior to Walk Through, the process may take as little as 45 minutes to an hour. Otherwise please allow for a two hour experience.  


My student's schedule is wrong or is missing a class; what do I do?  

After Station 7: Textbook Pickup, there will be directions where you can fill out a change request form.  

Where can my student find a classroom map?

Click here to access a school map.

What is the first day of school?  

Thursday, August 16.  

What time should my child be at school on Thursday, August 16?  

School starts at 7:55 am.  Give yourself lots of time due to traffic.  If your student has an A Period, school starts at 7:00 am.  If you were not able to make it to the August 15 Walk Through Registration, Makeup Walk Through Registration will begin at 7:00 am on the first day of school near the cafeteria.

How can parents sign up for school emergency communications?

Click here for instructions on how to receive Northgate’s “Remind” text alert messages, used to notify and update members of the Northgate community in the event of a school emergency.

How does my student obtain a parking permit?

Student parking permits may be purchased via Northgate’s online ASB webstore on the following dates after school begins:  

Seniors:  August 25 - 31

Juniors:  September 1 - 7

All other sales will be based on first-come, first served basis, beginning  September 8.  After purchase, students should bring a complete, signed application to the school treasurer to receive a parking permit.  The student parking permit form is included in the School Forms packet, page 4.

More questions?

You can also call the Northgate office (938-0900), Monday through Friday 8 am to 3 pm. 

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Congratulations, you're done!

* Information updated on 8/8/18

Check HERE for updates to this Doc

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