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Fitness Candor 5 list
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Logan’s list

5. Diet (do something different)

●It doesn’t matter what you choose, it’s more about committing to the idea of trying something new to compliment your training.

●Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Carnivore… it really doesn’t matter, eliminate the processed crap and find something, anything that gets you excited, and gets you away from normal eating habits.

4. Scheduling (commitment)

●The earlier you can get something written down in black and white, the more likely you are to commit to it and stay committed.

●“I think I’ll come three times a week” is wishy-washy, you don’t have to overdo the commitment, but do something you can commit to. “I’m at 5:30pm immediately after work every Tuesday and Friday for the next six months” it automatically becomes a habit, not just an appointment.

3. Realistic Goal Setting (bod pod pics, etc)

●If you’ve never been a fitness competitor, odds are you’re not going to start at 50. Set something ambitious, but also realistic and achievable, “I want to fit into my high school suit”, is a much better goal then “I want to be 10% body fat”.

●Use before/after/progress pictures, and body composition tools (BodPod, InBody, DXA, etc.) to show and tell you what the scale won’t. When all else fails, use a belt loop test. If the scale isn’t moving the direction you want it, but you’re waist is getting slimmer, you’re making progress.

2. Hard Work (ability to be coached)

●You came here to be pushed, so listen to what your trainer tells you. The research is abundantly clear having someone there will allow you to get a significant amount more out of yourself. If you buy in on top of that, the sky's the limit.

●Trust the process, but also ask questions, if your trainer doesn’t know the answer (and they won’t always), let them help you find it. Know that you came to work with this person, help them get the most out of you. Gimme an hour each week, and 100% effort and I’ll change your life.

1. Nutrition

●Diet is short term, nutrition is a long-term holistic approach to health and wellness. Not just how you eat when you’re trying to lose weight for vacation, how you begin to treat your body as a whole.

●Whole Foods, water, rest, recovery, proper supplementation (if needed), all the things you do to make health and wellness a “lifestyle”, and get you results not just now, but for the rest of your life.

Eric’s list

5. Punctuality

4. Repeat your workout

3. Recover

2. Listen to directions/be coachable

1. Sleep