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Senior College Planning

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Scholarship Information

How does college get paid for??

Entrance Exams Scores: 

Send only if your desired score is already achieved..  

Meet their scholarship deadline-See chart on counter and always confirm via school website

If you do not meet the scholarship deadline you forfeit any funds the school was willing to offer you

Future improved scores are usually accepted for financial purposes, not necessarily acceptance purposes


FAFSA  -   GHS School Code:  442965  CHHS School Code:  441408

Based on parental/guardian financial status

        Request your FSA ID now - takes 2-3 days for authorization.

FAFSA - Opens Oct. 1  and should be completed as soon as possible

2021-2022 FAFSA application will use 2019 tax return

FAFSA funds are distributed on a first come first serve basis

        Completion of the application takes approximately 20-30 minutes providing you have information necessary  

             with you at the time of application including parents prior income tax return.

                Types of aid:       Scholarships-            Grants-         Work-Study-           Loans-last option

GCISD Scholarship Website- can be found on the Go Center Page

(Scholarship tab on the left side of Go Center home page)

These are 3rd party scholarship opportunities provided by local sources including PTA, Education Foundation, Local businesses, and organizations

Open scholarships are shaded in green while expired/closed will be shaded in red

Most scholarship applications will require copies of the following to be included in the package:  

1/ Letters of recommendation (usually 2-3)                         2/ Official Transcript  



Military Scholarships

        Hazlewood Act applicable to Texas schools only

Specific Branch Scholarship Opportunities

Personal Funds

Texas Fund, 529, Educational Gifts, Family Gifts, and Funding -

            Never forgo the previous opportunities even if you have a gift that will cover your entire college expense

Loans: - From FAFSA as mentioned above and as a last factor to pay for college which converts to student debt

        Two types:  Federal and Private -

 Other Notes: