Advanced Portfolio (G324)

Group Agreement Document

What Strengths and Weaknesses do you have as a group?


Strengths: camera

Weaknesses: not really very creative.


Strengths: creative

Weaknesses: camera, lighting

Scheduling (Test) Shoots Out of School

We are able to commit provisionally to the following shooting schedule: We can do after school, and Sunday late afternoons; but not Saturdays.

Roles and Responsibilities on Shoot

Whilst we are all equally responsible for the quality of footage, we think that the best way to share the roles on shoot is, delegation, and multiple shots.

Roles and Responsibilities in Post Production

Whilst we are all responsible for post production, we think that the best way to share the editing workload  is setting a target for the amount of work we will each contribute.

Creative Responsibility & Disagreements

We understand that we are all equally responsible for creative outcomes, when there is a disagreement we will take a break and review with a fresh minds.

Working on Shared Documents

Many planning documents must be prepared as a group as they reflect a shared vision and shared practical planning. We will ensure that the workload is equally shared by reviewing.

Communication and Organisation

The ways in which we will share ideas, resources and project documents is… google docs.

The way in which we will communicate shared ideas and practical planning is...facebook messenger.

What can you do if you feel unhappy within the group?

There might be times when you feel excluded from the production. Alternatively, you may also feel as though someone is not working as hard as you.

What do you think is the best way to approach difficulties in the group? take a break and be honest.