United Tribes of Israel

Feb 2, 2018

WHEREAS, We hereby proclaim we are the established nation state of our Hebrew and Israelite ancestors by descent of aboriginal consanguinity of NORTHWEST AMEXEM, to be called The United Tribes of Israel; and

WHEREAS, The blackamoor children of Israel and it’s twelve tribes are the outgrowth descendants who traveled the great seas of the earth onto the present day Continental Americas, NORTHWEST AMEXEM; and

WHEREAS, the indigenous blackamoor peoples are the First Nations of NORTHWEST AMEXEM and are now cooperitive in order to again link ourselves with jus status; and

WHEREAS, the desire to jus status of our people will allow the protection of our descendiblity and postliminium; and

WHEREAS, the Israel sovereign, being the aboriginal first nations to the territories of AMEXEM otherwise known as North, Central and South Americas, have formed a sovereign Theocratic Government guided by the commandments of Yahawah of the universal right to self-determination as well as with the Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People guaranteed in the Charter; and

WHEREAS, in just status we demand Right of entry, Right of local self-government, Right of property, Right of redemption, Right of survivorship; and

WHEREAS, we the body politic have this day commenced governing of the blackamoor and descended people of our ancestors; and

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the following proclamation of The United Tribes of Israel is hereby declared to be the formal express authority in sound mind to rightful status.

Dated this 2nd Day of February, 2018.