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Strategy Two: Tapping The Power Of Our Whole Community

Objective 2.2:        Citizen-Student Mentoring

Executive Sponsors:        Brian Flones, Superintendent; Diana Haglund, Coordinator Wenatchee Learns

Three-Year Benchmark Objectives, Actions, Barriers and Outcomes


  1. Create awareness of College Mentor Program (CMP).
  2. Connect WHS College Mentor coordinator with current list of  “Mentors” in volunteer database.
  3. Write community connections article for Wenatchee World about CMP.
  4. Promote and connect CMP social media pages to WL and WSD.


  1. Develop outreach plan to promote WHS College Mentor program.
  2. Increase number of mentors in WHS College Mentor program.
  3. Create awareness of online career coach mentorship.
  4. Explore strategies to promote lunch buddy program to employers.


  1. Continue to promote college mentor program. Develop website on WL page for mentor program
  2. Integrate College Mentor into partner appreciation event to recognize the CMP Mentor of the Year
  3. Create awareness of the Confluence Health High School Mentor program to Wenatchee High School students and community
  1.  Tap into resources available from
  2. Create Mentorship Program at WestSide High School for seniors



  1. Development of a Wenatchee Valley College Alumni Mentorship bridge program.

What action steps or strategies need to be explored or developed to reach benchmarks?

What obstacles or barriers need to be addressed?

Who needs to be involved in the planning discussion and action steps for this objective?

What measures need to be developed to monitor the outcomes of the objective benchmarks?

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