Proposed Rule Changes for the DDACR AGM – April 6th 2019 (Item iv)

For clarification of Rule 2(i), Rule 6 and Rule 9 and to increase the democratic participation of the Membership in voting, the following additional rule 9(a) shall be added:

Voting by the Membership 

At a General Meeting where voting by the Membership is required for the election of Officers, the approval of Rule Changes, the setting of Subscriptions and all other matters, the outcome will be determined by a simple majority vote of the Resident Members of the Association present at the relevant Meeting together with those Resident Members of the Association who cast their votes by proxy.  

Resident Members of the Association not able to attend the Meeting may vote by proxy by giving notice to the General Secretary, in writing or by e-mail, before 6-00pm on the day before the Meeting.  The notice must confirm their wish to vote in this way and must identify their proxy voter who will cast their vote, on the form provided for such purpose, on their behalf.  Proxy voters must themselves be Resident Members of the Association and must attend the Meeting.

Proposed                                Fred Pearson

Seconded                                Richard Brooke

4 March 2019