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Section 2: Course States and Publishing a Course

What are the different states of a Curve course?

There are two basic overall states for a course: PUBLISHED and UNPUBLISHED

All newly created Curve courses have a default state of UNPUBLISHED.  A user with teacher or administrative rights in the course must manually change the state of the course to Published when the course is deemed ready.

What does it mean if a course is UNPUBLISHED or PUBLISHED?

Teachers typically keep theirs courses in the UNPUBLISHED state until they have set things up and are ready for students to enter a course for the first time.

Note that teachers can continue to add to and edit the existing content of a course after it is published.

How do I publish a course?

The Course Publish/Unpublish button toggles the overall Publish State of the course (see figure 2.2.1).

Figure 2.2.1

When a course is in its UNPUBLISHED state, the button will appear red and contain the word “Publish” (see figure 2.2.2).

When a course is in its PUBLISHED state, the button will appear green and contain the word “Published” (see figure 2.2.3).


Figure 2.2.2

Figure 2.2.3

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