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Batch and Global Updates allow you to make instant changes to a large part of your collection.

Batch Update

Batch updates are designed to make changes to a section or your collection. Go to Catalog->Update Copies->Batch Update

You can change the call number prefix or the circulation type. For example, you may want to change books labeled 92 to BIO to have consistency in your call numbers for inventory and reporting purposes. You may want to circulate certain reference books so need to change their circulation type from regular to reference.

Step 1. Decide the change you want to make. The example below is changing the circulation type of books to regular.

You need to identify the books to change by scanning them to create a barcode list or identifying them in the catalog through a Resource List. For directions on Resource Lists, click on Resource Lists in Destiny Help.

Global Updates are changes you make to an entire of your collection. For example, changing all books labeled B to BIO

This will change every copy with B to BIO. You could the same thing if updating other biographies (92 to BIO) or graphic novels.  You could also erase a prefix (SPA).  

Keep in mind with any change, you will need to print out updated spine labels and affix them to your books!