Yard Sale Camp Fundraiser!

Saturday, May 4th

Raise Money for Summer Camp!


 Weaverville - The Fox’s House: 28 Central Avenue, Weaverville, NC 28787

NBMS, NBHS, AHS and North Asheville WyldLife

Biltmore Park - The Graham’s house located at 1111 Burnside Drive. This will be part of the large neighborhood wide Yard Sale.

TCR, VSMS, CCMS, ACR, OMS, OHS and Christ School

Important details in order to receive money for camp

*** The money earned from the items you bring will be put towards your camp expense. It is a great way to earn money for camp. Ask your parents, grandparents and neighbors to donate items for you to sale.

Please put your name & a price on all of your items with a piece of masking tape.

*** Pricing items:  You can put a price on it but if you are flexible mark it with OBO (or best offer) so that we can negotiate a price!  Some items like clothing, books, etc will just be a set price; however MAKE SURE YOUR NAME IS ON EVERYTHING!

Questions concerning Weaverville Sale - Contact Alex Hill (423) 290-1617

Questions concerning Biltmore Park Sale - Contact Leslie Sloan (828) 545-6006