Rocky Mountain High School

2018 –  Student Initiated Clubs – 2019

**Please come to the Front Office to apply for your 2018-2019 Student Initiated Club.  Please see Mrs. Nickel with questions and for club approval.  

Welcome back Bo’s!!!

Name of Club


Meeting Time

Meeting Place

Student Contact

Staff Monitor

Badminton Club

A fun place to release energy by playing badminton.  Also, a place to get better at badminton.

Tuesdays at Lunch

Aux Gym

Maddi Santini & Claire Patton

Phillip Underwood

Boys Volleyball Club

To provide boys with an opportunity to play and improve in the sport of volleyball.

Lunch meetings when announced

Room 513

Ethan Ganster

Glenn Gainley

Card Game Club

To play cards and have fun without gambling.

Weekdays at Lunch

Room 342

Jagur Rozell

Drew Thompson

Cooking Club

To help participants improve their cooking skills and have fun with other people.  The club will exchange recipes and cook at each meeting,

After school on the last Friday of each month

Foods Lab at Rocky

Zoe Van Velzen

Jennifer McCarthy

Coping Mechanism

To inform about different anxiety disorders and how to cope with them.

Thursdays at Lunch

Room 341

Jay Beaner & Keats Holland

Richard Dean

Dungeons & Dragons Club

To play the table top, role-playing game of Dungeons & Dragons.

Tuesdays from 3 - 5 pm

Room 329

Chalice Michael

Denise Lawrence

Fashion Design Club

For the purpose of discussion and activities revolving around the concept of fashion or other forms of self expression.

Thursdays Bi-monthly at Lunch

Room 329

Julianna Macchietto & Chalice Michael

Denise Lawrence


To impact our campus.  We want to be able to have an impact with coaches and athletes and grow in relationship with Christ.

Mondays at Lunch

Room 606

Alex Short

Lucas Smith

Gender Sexuality Alliance

To create a safe space for LGBTQ+  students and those who support them, as well as for education and activism related to the LGBTQ+ community.

Tuesdays at Lunch

Room 400

Claire Flippen

John Robinson

Girl Rising

A fundraiser for girls around the world.  To educate about female empowerment.

Tuesdays or Thursdays at Lunch

Room 407

Malak Shawesh

Sara Lea

Hacky- Sack Club

To build a hacky-sack community as well as to further friendships and improve our abilities.

Mondays at Lunch

Room 302

Aaron Biggerstaff

Ron Clark

Hide & Seek Club

To have a fun way for kids to interact and compete with each other.  *Meetings will be for discussion and strategy.  Competition will take place outside of Rocky.

First & Last Wednesdays of the month from 3-4 pm

Media Center

Nathan Auleta

Mike Ruffner

Homeward Alliance

To create an environment that inspires community involvement.  To create connections with others at our school and to create positive change through knowledge.

The first Monday of the month at Lunch

Room 310

Delaney Unter

Joshua Ring

Louder Together

To provide a safe place for people who have experienced, or know someone who has experienced sexual assault or rape to get support from others who have gone through the same situation.

Fridays at Lunch

Room 332

Emma Smith

Aaron Knobloch

Magic the gathering club

To play magic the gathering and other trading card games.

Wednesdays & Fridays at Lunch

Room 316

Alexander Black

Andrew Meyer

Meteorology Club

To study hurricanes (mainly), tornados, wind, blizzards and more.

Fridays at Lunch

Room 351

Ethan Coddington

Erin Ruffner

Movement Club

To gather together and practice/learn parkour type tricks and kicks while staying safe and within our skill range.

Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays at Lunch or after school

Wrestling room

Connor Poinan

Phil Underwood

Otter Pop Club

To eat otter pops.

Wednesdays at Lunch

Room 527

Valene Lucero & Victoria Lopez

Dean Victor

Ping Pong League

To play ping pong

Thursdays at Lunch

In the Band Hallway

Luke Crosser

Todd Matkin

Rival News

A club where students can express themselves through creating their own articles.

Wednesday mornings before school

Rooms 519/520

Hayden Darder

David Weber

Rubik’s Cube Club

To form a community of Rocky students that solve the Rubik’s cube and similar puzzles.

Wednesdays at Lunch

Room 335

Joseph Kinerson

Laura Hogan

Spirit of the Game Club

To offer fun, non-competitive athletic opportunities to students in a casual setting.

Thursdays from 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Room 321

Dylan Lindsey

Brianna Rumley


To build new relationships within the RMHS community and to have fun.

Wednesdays at Lunch


Terrell Sleeter & Hannah Carlin

Jessica Stelzer

Taylor Swift Club

To hang out with other swifties, listen to Taylor while we eat, talk about her and have fun.

Tuesdays at Lunch

Room 349

Hannah Howell

Kyle Brown


A place where students with different skills and talents can collaborate to create a TV program.

Wednesdays at Lunch

Room 413

Jackson Sutherland

Satini Liufau

Video Game Club

To play games and to play the newest games.

Wednesdays at Lunch

Media Center

CJ Guerrero

Ben Johnson