77.66 Wood

1446. As IBMs*, we have to discard outdated models of reality that no longer serve us, if they ever did.  Instead of letting the past well up and destroy our minds, we have to be happy in the present while crafting a meaningful vision for the future, one that we want that has not been forced on us.

1447. Culture used to come to us via family, religion, school, and work.  We now get bombarded via television, social media, and cute cat videos on YouTube.   Too many “shoulds” are being pushed by people who are younger than your favorite shoes, and who don’t have the knowledge or scars to be influencing anyone.

1448. At times in my life, I had a rule for myself:  Question Everything.  In the battle to make money and provide for others, I began to blindly accept the social rules thrown at me.  I got my education, was accepted into the Foreign Service, and went on to practice law.  For individuals my daughter’s age (26), the path to success and happiness has been blurred out.

It’s hard to be happy when you followed the “shoulds”, got your education, and can’t find a job that pays enough for a one-bedroom apartment and a car in a major city.  Except maybe in a shithole like Detroit, or Flint.  Motown is dead.

1449. Before my next water fast (which is beginning now), I have to be sure to get in my 3,000 words in my “overnight” shift.  If I  decide to do morning pages again, it will be incorporated into my daily 77 post.  

What is becoming obvious is that I must continue to walk and lift weights to have any chance at all in keeping my blood sugar under control.  I added rice and potatoes today, and the blood sugar is way up.  I am now on a 36 hour fast, maybe even longer.  I have been so hungry lately.

At my age, walking is key as a base for health, along with whole plant based foods.  I have to put the starches aside for now.  I was thinking about walking 3x days per week, but I need to increase that to 5x or 6x.  One day of rest seems appropriate, but if the numbers don’t go down, I will make walking and the gym a daily ritual.

If I go on a prolonged water fast, I may only have the energy for walking.  Tomorrow, I will take the bus downtown to retrieve my diabetes meds.  I may have to go down daily and work at the hospital cafe and write by hand.  It seems to be faster.

These trips around Jacksonville by bus could be my artist’s date in the Julia Cameron sense.  I should make that date a trip to the beach.  The Beaches are the only reason to live in Duval County.

One part of my artist’s date will be to try out various coffee shops around town.  I have tried one vegan restaurant at Atlantic Beach, and it’s informal and excellent, but I have to avoid extra expenses for a month.  People may be coming to visit, and it will cost me.

1450. During my 77 day prison time at home being an unwilling caregiver, I will knock out a number of tasks around the house.  This will include taking care of the yard, cleaning the bathroom and kitchen on a regular basis, and throwing out mountains of stuff.  I will start by taking my excess stuff to the Salvation Army.

A big part of what I need to do is digitize my old slides from Korea.

1451. 35 mm slides were a popular way of developing pictures into a format that could be projected onto a screen. The rise in digital technologies over the past few decades has made the slide and slide-projector technology obsolete. Converting old 35 mm slides into a digital format is a straightforward process, provided you have the appropriate hardware -- in this case a film scanner. Flatbed scanners often cannot scan in as high a resolution as film scanners, and should be considered a second choice.

1452. The daily 3,000 words go slower than I would like, but that’s okay.  I am using my Walkabout Solopreneur and following different ideas online.  I don’t want to get locked into just typing.

1453. I hate being so messy.  I need to clean up and optimize my work space as a way to get ready to travel.  We all need a clean environment, one that is neat and easy to maintain.  Once Corbett is out of the country again, I have more to do, but I can do it my way without interference.

1454. An artist’s date could be a slide scanning session or a walk in a nearby National Forest.  It should be something fun, but I am time bound.  

1455. Over 77 days, I may begin on those books, especially an early pdf on the IBM* Manifesto - We’re Not Done Yet.  This will be a brief ebook to use as a hook for joining my facebook group or joining my list.  

1456. I’m not totally sure where my life is headed, but I am going to study all PUA available for older men, and create a page that can be linked to for sales of these systems or training events.  I could pass on China and the Ukraine and head to the Czech Republic.  As to cost, China looks best.

1457. The cost of working with a agency like Planet Romance is low compared to anyone else.  The EE site is more expensive but looks better in some respects as to the assistance provided.  I need to restore my sexual health to a level to handle the quality of the women.

AFA tours are great for older men who have more time than money.  When I talked to Bud Peterson, he tells me they still gravitate toward the young women who are not suitable for them.  The women over 40 are largely ignored, and the quality is outstanding.  

Same is true of China.  A divorced woman over 40 with or without children has a near zero chance of remarriage.  Her best bet is a Caucasian man or ABC (American Born Chinese) which will normally not be considered appropriate for a young Chinese woman.  Most quality women in China will be married before age 25.

I believe that technology will eliminate the need for many minor mail order bride sites, or have men shift to actually using a matchmaker to take over.  The problem most men have is that we want to go through a number of near misses before finding the right match.  What’s the fun if the first woman is the right one if you miss out on trying out a few others.

1458. Resilience is the key to satisfaction in life.  I am in a bad spot, but I don’t want that to be a life sentence.  I don’t have to invent the technology to make MOH a reality, just ride it.  

1459. 87% of type ii diabetics would rather die than change their eating habits.  I change, but occasionally slip.  But I don’t want to die.  I don’t care how long I have to fast this time, but I need to conquer diabetes.

1460. The trend back to morning pages reminds me of a time when I was more excited about writing.  I have dozens of partially filled notebooks that I need to review, scan, and discard.  They can be stored in the cloud or on a portable hard drive forever.

1461. At Derek’s funeral, he was still inspiring as a man and a father and as a husband.  Only the good die young.  He had a bigger than life personality in a small body.  He raised Cleo when I was out of the picture and in a dark place.  I owe him a debt I can never repay.  Especially now.  

I feel I need to leave a legacy for IBMs* that overcome my many mistakes.  To begin, I have to create the proper life for myself, and pay it forward.  The country is a disaster waiting to happen.  Maybe not in 2020, but by 2024 it may have won the battle of destruction.

I think most people understand that the world is due a financial collapse.  What no one knows is when.

My brother has taken over managing my mother’s finances.  Thank god.  It’s not for me.  Her insistence on having Tammy puts her back on the edge or in the negative each month.  I would prefer to have her in a nursing home and the house sold, but I have been overruled.  

1462. I am debating a 21 day water fast, but the thought of it sends me reeling.  The sensible alternative would be a 21 day Daniel Fast without the grains and starches.  That is doable if boring.

There’s no reason why I can’t make a Daniel Fast work for any length of time.  I just need to keep an eye on my weight to make sure it doesn’t get too low from a lack of calories.  Soup.  Salad.  Fruit.

My emotions are out of control, and I can’t reign them in.  I hate her guts.  People tell me she can’t help it.  Neither can I.  But I don’t see anyone stepping up to give me any relief.

1463. Americans still believe the economy is strong.  I’m not sure how.  Good jobs are in short supply, but I don’t see a rush to Walkabout Solopreneur which will be key to financial health for many people young and old.  We all need to create our own side hustles.

1464. For my 3,000 words, I do have to go back to doing the first draft on paper.  I hate to say this, but writing will always be valuable, but doing it by hand will guarantee that I can weather any electronic or digital disruption.

1465. I’m not looking forward to the pain and agony I will put myself through over the next 77 days.  I need to study training regimens of elite athletes like Michael Phelps, and make IBM* adjustments.

1466. 77 - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall.png


You know it’s coming.  You’ve given yourself so many days to get your health, wealth, and relationships in order (131) before you hop on a plane for Southeast Asia.  Other people are going to have to pick up the slack, or Mom is headed to Shady Pines.

I’m feeling the negative results of eating crappy food for the last 5 days.  Bread.  Ice cream. More.  Blood sugar for my first day of 131 starts at 252.  Awful.

I have been putting together too many “goals” for this time period.  No more.  I have only 2 goals:

  1. 3,000+ words on all topics (includes spins)
  2. eat only real foods to control my blood sugar/diabetes

All of the rest of my activities are there to contribute to these 2 goals.

My main occupation is writer.  Maybe even copywriter.  I have Kindle ebooks to prepare.  Spins will be done for advertising articles.  Spins are posted on Web 2.0 sites.  I can do one sentence spins for posting on social media.  And KWP spins.  Comma and space separated.

What I’m out to do is a dynamic, detailed method of affiliate marketing for solopreneur IBMs*.

The biggest problems I face are sugar, TV, and being the house chauffeur.

The only hours I have to myself at this time are between midnight and 8:00 a.m.    Looks like I am on a 77 day night shift.

Pain and agony.

Why is this all so hard?  Impatience.  The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter.  We have all become part of the instant grits society.

I want to be healthy.  Now.  I just don’t want to put in the work like I need to.  I don’t want to be an anal nerdy monk, but I know no other way to raise myself up to the level where I want to be on March 12, 2018.  

My current living situation makes me angry.  Angry at myself.  Angry at others.

Mostly anger at myself for letting myself get into a health, wealth, and relationship abyss.

The things I have to do are hard.  I have to fix my diet and reverse my diabetes.  I have to walk and go to the gym to get into physical shape to pursue new younger women.  I have to work like a dog to cement my online, recurring income.

If this shit were easy, we would all be in great physical and financial shape.

All of life comes down to health, wealth, and relationships.  And mostly how we manage to screw up our lives even when we know what we should be doing.  I guess that’s why we allowed religions and governments to develop.  We want an outside authority to coerce us into living a good life.  We can all see how well that’s working out.

The older I get, the lazier I get.

I want instant grits.  I want a pill and premade dinners.  I don’t want to work at this.

A hard rain is going to fall.  For the next 131 days, I’m putting myself on monk duty with writing, posting, and compiling the best material for Kindle books to be sold after I have my marketing system in place.

In fact, the major books will be on Kindle only, so I have much to learn.

What I need to do, and what I recommend to IBMs (introvert boomer males), is to use affiliate marketing as your first side hustle.  It’s really a commission sales job dressed up for the Internet.  But you are free to work when you want and for whom you want.

“Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting

other people’s (or company’s) products.”

~ Pat Flynn - https://www.smartpassiveincome.com/affiliate-marketing-strategies/


Affiliate programs can earn a extra money and even a full-time income from home or anywhere in the world.

Why start with affiliate marketing?

1. No cost to Inexpensive.

2. Endless choice of products to promote.

3. No overhead.

4. No selling.

5. Blogging

6. Make your mistakes on someone else’s dime?

7. Mistakes to avoid:

Affiliate marketing requires self-motivation and focus. For many, these are learned skills. Once you are aware of the the mistakes that can cause a lack of profits and productivity, you will be better able to grow your business long-term.  Soon, you may be the guru others look to for advice.