Ashburn Elementary

Loudoun County Public Schools

Comprehensive Needs Assessment - Executive Summary

44062 Fincastle Drive, Ashburn Virginia 20147


Michelle Walthour

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Instructional Overview

Ashburn Elementary was a recipient of the Virginia Department of Education 2018 Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award. Our school-wide evidence indicates an emphasis on professional development in the areas of reading and math instruction. Our reading program includes ongoing site-based professional development aligned with the reading and writing Units of Study. Specialized Reading Instruction training for Special Education, EL and identified staff members have had a positive impact for our Tier 2 and Tier 3 students. Mathematics instruction involves the implementation of Math Workshop. Project-Based Learning experiences have increased along with the authenticity of student learning. Collaborative Learning Teams (CLTs) are focused on reviewing student evidence and developing instructional decisions to support student learning. Student evidence is reviewed in the following assessment tools: FASTBridge, Measures of Academic Progress, Developmental Reading Assessment, Response-to-Intervention (RTI), Phonological Awareness Screening, anecdotal records, and social and emotional evidence. The parent-teacher association offers after-school enrichment sessions.

Extended Learning Opportunities

Students have access to Odyssey of the Mind, quarterly fee based programs sponsored by our PTO. The Positive Behaviors Interventions and Supports program guides our approach to social and emotional instruction. This year, all classroom teachers are implementing Morning Meetings to help students feel more connected to their learning environment. Students in need have access to...

Areas of Strength

I. Teaching For Learning

  1. English SOL Pass Rate = 90%
  2. Students with Disabilities increase from 69% to 80%
  3. English Learners increase from 96% to 98%
  4. Math SOL Pass Rate = 91%
  5. Economically Disadvantaged Students increase from 80% to 85%
  6. English Learners increase from 93% to 100%
  7. Hispanic Students increase from 84% to 90%
  8. Student with Disabilities increase from 61% to 72%
  9. Science overall increase from 86% to 92%
  10. Project Based Learning Experiences for all students Grades K-5
  11. Successful launch and implementation of 1:1 device in Grades 3-5
  12. Responsive Classroom implementation with Morning Meetings in all K-5 classrooms

II. School Environment

-Differentiated Staff Development

A. Parent and teacher surveys all indicate a relatively high level of satisfaction

B. Collaboration among staff is one of the highest in the county

C. Increased community and parent involvement (WATCH D.O.G.S., Annual Schoolwide Exhibition)

Areas for Growth

I. Teaching for Learning

  1. Achievement Gaps have been identified in the areas of Reading and Math in the subgroups of Black and Economically Disadvantaged Students
  2. Increase the number of PBL projects with more than 70% of teachers who are now PBL trained

II. Learning Environment

  1. Walk-Through feedback to teachers will reflect greater personalization related to lesson planning and delivery in relation to school-wide initiatives
  2. Using Morning Meetings to help students feel more connected to the adults in the building and their learning environment

Practices being implemented currently as of January 2019: