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Tall Trees - Instructions for Online Checkin
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Online Check-in Information for Palo Alto Tall Trees

Via GotSport


There is No Longer a Tournament Agreement requirement.

All Rosters must be submitted by 12pm the Thursday before the tournament, when Roster updates will be locked to print matchcards.

Preparing for check-in

Now that both NorCal Premier and CalNorth use GotSport for Player registration, the fact that you have player cards confirms that the medical forms were provided online.  Therefore, the only item we need you to do is generate your Event Roster.  The only item that would need to be uploaded is Guest Player forms if your team is bringing players from another club.


The preferred mechanism is always to use the Got Sport roster builder, this follows the same process you used for league games. If you have Guests from outside your club, you will need the help of your club Registrar.

Got Sport - Roster Builder (preferred option)

Your event roster needs to have the Primary coach listed. This is used by the conflict avoidance part of scheduling. This needs to be done ASAP.

Your event registration was done via the new “Got Sport” system.  You should go to that registration and generate your Event specific roster.  You will be able to clone your US Club Soccer roster, another event or create one from scratch.  

If you generate the roster from the “Teams” instead of “Registrations” you will be able to clone a previous roster.

Click on the team in the results.  Then click on Rosters tab, select the “Tall Trees” event and click “Search”

Once selected, You will see buttons to add players and guests and to clone an existing roster. Use any combination of these to get your event roster complete with all players.

This image is the left half of the roster builder

This is right half of screen


If you are bringing guest players from another club, your club registrar or another club admin for GotSport will need to first add the player to your club. Help document from GotSport provides the information your club admin requires.  They will also need the players First and Last name and birthdate, which should be on the player loan document you already got signed. The process of adding the player into your club will send an email to the player's family asking them to confirm the request.

Once the above is complete, you will be able to use the “Guest Player” button on the roster builder to add them. If the player is found during your search but has a message “Cannot be Added as Guest Pass Player”, then the player still needs to be added to your club.


While in the Roster Builder, click on the tab to navigate to “Documents and IDs”.  Then click on the “Roster PDF” button to open the roster for downloading/printing.

Google Form - Roster builder (last option)

Teams should be familiar with the new GotSport roster creation having used it since Fall 2021.We expect everyone to use complete their roster in GotSport. This form will only be activated after we close online check-in for those rare cases where a team can not generate a roster.

We created a google form that replaces the GotSport Roster Creation workflow. It will allow you to quickly generate a roster for our event with your team, coach, manager and player information.  The form can be found at 

Similar to the process of building a roster in GotSoccer, you may submit the form as many times as you like for updating your roster for the event. The final version should be uploaded as part of your online checkin. If you make additions after checkin, just upload again.

When you submit the form, it will email back 4 certified copies of your roster on a single page PDF. These are sized to be attached to a matchcard and should contain ALL of your players.

This becomes the replacement for whatever is in GotSport.  You must print these, cut them out and bring them with you. You will give one copy to the Field Marshal at check in before each match.

An example of one of the four rosters looks like this. If you enter in GUESTS from outside your club, they show up highlighted in GREEN.