Vindicator Maraad


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton

Featured Forger: Tobias Larsen


As the title suggests, Maraad was a paladin vindicator for the draenei who fought numerous times to protect his people from the demonically possessed orcs on Draenor. During one particular siege, Maraad was tasked with leading a group of helpless, unarmed refugees to safety. During this passage, he saw an orc and chased after it, desperate to kill it in retaliation for all the pain they had caused his people.

        Emerging victorious from combat, Maraad ran back to the group of refugees he had promised the light’s protection to only to find their lifeless bodies littered along the way he thought was safe. After blaming first the Light and then himself, Maraad continued onward, forever seeking to fight orcs. In time, he got another chance but in a different timeline.

Hooking up with alliance forces, Maraad headed to Draenor II with the desire to stop the orcs before the harm he suffered could come to the alternate timeline draenei. While he did fight bravely, he was eventually felled by Blackhand during the Battle of Shattrath.

His weapon, the Hammer of the Naaru, passed on to Yrel, a draenei paladin from Draenor II.

Tobias’ Choices

Vindicator Maraad is a paladin - but not like Uther. Uther covers the Holy paladin, but we need some Retribution/Protection love. I was thinking he'd fit great as a melee tank especially against mages, depending on which way you want to go.

Q - Hammer of the Naaru
Short range slim frontal cone. Low dmg, but with a slow on heroes.

W - Reckoning
Disables Maraad's auto attacks while channeling for a short time. Every source of 5                spell damage made against Maraad during this time makes Maraad basic attack the closest enemy. (This would be a throwback to Reckoning-bombs in vanilla WoW. Might be busted/terrible, but cool!)

E - Consecration
Forms a circle of consecrated ground underneath Maraad. Enemies who stand in it takes damage, and friendlies gain spell armor.

D - Light of the Naaru

Passive 20% Spell Armor. Every 3rd Basic Attack heals Maraad for a small amount of health.

R1 - Guardian Spirit
Maraad channels the Light and splits a copy of his body to a friendly hero for a 7 seconds, granting both Maraad and the target a shield equal to 40% of their max HP. While guardian Spirit is active, Reckoning also triggers off of spell damage sources made against the target Hero.

R2 - Repentance
Target an enemy Hero. That Hero is incapacitated for 4 seconds. Repentance breaks on damage. When Repentance is broken, the target Hero's abilities go on a 3 second cooldown.
(This is sorta like a Anub'arak Cocoon, meant to shutdown a backline healer or damage dealer in a fight.)

Jeff’s Choices


Tank (Protection Paladin)


        Vindicator Marraad

Trait- “Vindicator”

VIndicators are defenders of draenei society, standing as the primary guardians of Shattrath City during the orcish invasion. The fantasy that I am going for with this kit is to make Maraad a protection paladin that will do anything to protect his team. His past is stained with the memory of his failure to protect- pushing him to protect others in any way possible. Luckily, in the nexus he has the light to help him. With this trait anytime 3 or more heros are near Maraad the light will reduce all the damage that they take by a small percentage. This will be visible to the enemy team as a shimmer on all players affected.

Mount- “Lights Run”

Q- “Till My Dying Breath”

Maraad is incredibly passionate about protecting his team he uses all of his strength to make it happen. When this ability is activated he takes he cracked mace and smashes it in the ground in front of him. The target area has 2 circles. The smaller circle is where the mace hits the ground- if an enemy is in this circle they will take a large amount of damage and become stunned with the light for a short amount of time. The larger circle is the AoE effect of this ability- all heroes in this circle when the ability hits take a small amount of damage and the amount of healing they receive is reduced for a short amount of time.

W- “Blessed Hammer” 2 Charges

Maraad will summon a slow circling light hammer that will deal damage to all enemies hit. This hammer will circle Maraad 3 times, each time spirling closer to Maraad. Because this ability has 2 charges multiple hammers can be circling Maraad at a time. Each time the hammer lands a hit on an enemy hero it reduces the cooldown of his Q: “Till my Dying Breath”

E- “Blinding Light”

Maraad channels for .5 seconds and lets out a blast of light centered around him. All enemies hit with this will take a very small amount of damage and be blinded for a short amount of time.

Heroic 1- “Repentance" Featured Forger Ability

Target an enemy Hero. That Hero is incapacitated for 4 seconds. Repentance breaks on damage. When Repentance is broken, the target Hero's abilities go on a 3 second cooldown. (This is sorta like a Anub'arak Cocoon, meant to shutdown a backline healer or damage dealer in a fight.)

Heroic 2- “Guardian of Ancient Kings”

Marrad is empowered by the spirit of ancient kings. He transforms into a larger “light empowered” version of himself reducing all damage that is dealt to him by 75% for a short amount of time.

Specialty Skin: Dark Vindicator Maraad OR King of Gondor Maraad.

Dance: Helicopter Mace “Spin it like a Helicopter!”

Kristen’s Choices


        He’s not a paladin, he’s a pala-win.







Eye for an Eye

Vindicator Maraad is no saint, having left innocents to a terrible fate all to pursue vengeance. Such a burden has weighed heavily on the paladin, causing him to become a tangle of thorns, hurting those that hurt him. When attacked, Maraad produces a shield of light that absorbs the attack and deals damage back to the attacker.


        His Enemies

Maraad summons two demonically possessed orcs that run on all fours and pull his chariot.


Hammer of the Naaru (Featured Forger Ability)

Short range, slim, frontal cone. Low damage but with a slow on Heroes.


Justicar’s Vengeance

When activated, the next hit from the Hammer of the Naaru when it makes contact with an enemy is an explosion of light that damages the enemy and heals Maraad. If the target is slowed or otherwise incapacitated, they take double damage.


        Fist of Justice

Needing more satisfaction than a mere hammer hit, Maraad balls up his gauntlet and lets loose the five fingers of Justice. This is an activatable ability that reduces the damage output from Maraad but speeds up his attack and, with each hit, decreases his other cooldowns.


Judgement of Light

This marks an enemy Hero with light and judgement. When hit, the damage done to the enemy heals all friendlies within range for that amount of damage.



Taking a page out of Johanna’s book, Maraad understands the need to quell foes whenever and wherever they arise. Maraad enters into a battle state. His cooldowns are reduced, his damage his increased, his speed is unbelievable. At the end, however, he will die after throwing down a bubble of immunity and whispering about being one.


        Win-dicator Ma-Rad!

No one knew cool until Ma-Rad showed up. This paladin isn’t a pushover with his open-mouthed bubblegum chewing, suspenders, white sleeveless shirt, and baseball bat.



        Tunak Tunak Tun

Taken from a Bhangra/Indi-pop song by Indian artist Daler Mehndi. The story goes that the video was made with just him because his critics claimed his music was only popular because of the sexy girls he normally had in them.