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Persona ONLY for Forest HMD David
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Conscientious, but unsure

Age: 29

Online Access/Computers/Internet: David constantly uses an Android smartphone for work and family, he has fiber optic internet at home with one PC and one Amazon Fire tablet. Internet use averages 2 hours per day.

Comfort with technology: David is curious about technology but enjoys being outdoors more.

Familiarity with VR: David has never used VR. He understands AR & GPS with maps on his smartphone though, so he was intrigued when he heard that his Ecology course would require him to use a VR headset to learn something about wildlife census methods.

Role: David’s defined role is a first year college student at Unity College.

Primary goal: David has to take Ecology as part of his college program and a VR experience is within the course.

Emotional sensitivity: David is curious about VR and does not know how something fake or made up will help him learn something for Ecology class. David would prefer going outside, but the cold weather is closing in and he understands that the instructor has said that this VR experience has some ways of being better than being outside with a large group of students.