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Library Minutes Jan 2021

Didymus Thomas Library

Minutes of January 14, 2021

Present: Rick Lavallee, Carlleen Taylor, Eilleen Hamlin, Susan Bartholomew, Sandi Deland, Lorraine Hefner,  Lynn Surprenant, Sheila Harris, Anne Reilly, Veronica Marcouiller. This was a virtual meeting.

Meeting was called to order at 7:35 PM.

Secretary's report was e-mailed to everyone by Lynn and reviewed by all with a motion to accept presented  by Carlleen and a second from Sheila. Approved unanimously.  

Treasurer's report was previously distributed by Susan and reviewed by all (see attached report) . Lynn made a  motion to accept and Eilleen gave a second. Unanimously approved.  


Property upkeep: Front steps: No update.  

 Parking lot: No update.  

 Library back lot: This will be discussed at a future date.

 Board Members & Officers: Slate of officers: Eilleen made a motion to allow the secretary to case a  single vote to accept the slate of officers at presented at the last meeting. Carlleen gave a second. Lynn cast the  single vote to approve the slate as presented. Approved unanimously.  


Conflict of Interest Policy: All board members and employees are required to compete and sign.  

Annual Report: Carlleen made a motion to authorize Lorraine, Sandi and Susan to submit the report as  reviewed. Lynn seconded it, and it passed unanimously.  

Stewart's Grant: Sue has applied the grant for $1050. This will be used for the summer reading  program if awarded.  

New Minimum Standards for the Annual Report: These were reviewed, and it appears that the major  difference is for the meeting minutes to be posted online. Sandi will e-mail the Standards Rules for NY State to  the board to review. The Pandemic policy will be reviewed so that it can be completed by the April deadline.  

Donations: There were 3 donations received this month: the Jenny family, Mary Murphy and Elaine  Edwards. Thank you notes have been mailed.  

The meeting was adjourned by President Lavallee at 8:10 PM. Eilleen made a motion, and Carlleen seconded,  with a unanimous approval.  

There will be no February meeting, so the next meeting will be Thursday, March 11, 2021.