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ABURAYA Menu 2022
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Mon-Fri 11a-9p & Sat 5p-9p

Takeout: 510-502-7743 |

All menu items excluding the sando and burrito are gluten-free. Please let us know of any allergies. *Veggie option available


Add one extra piece of chicken to any of our fried chicken dishes for +$2

Aburaya Fried Chicken 4 pieces |$11|  8 pieces |$19

Shio-koji marinated, boneless & skinless chicken thighs battered with potato starch and fried in soybean oil.

 Rice Bowl (add rice & mixed greens) +$2

 Served with cabbage and miso ranch dressing. Add extra sauce +$1

 Choose one seasoning for each 4-piece order of chicken (all seasonings are gluten-free!)


BBQ Japanese-style, a little spicy                           Teriyaki gingery & sweetened with agave

Karashi Honey very spicy Japanese mustard

Orange Honey Aioli creamy and sweet

Habanero Miso freakishly spicy                                                                                                                       

**Dry Seasoning**

Garlic Miso a favorite!

Curry Japanese curry, mild

Shichimi spicy chili pepper, nori, & orange zest blend

Sansho pepper and lemon flavors with a tingly sensation

Umami Salt black garlic and shiitake mushroom

Angelo’s Paprika Salt it’s a secret!

Sando* |$11

Fried chicken on Texas toast with avocado, greens, onion, tomato, slaw, and our famous Aburaya BBQ sauce. NOT GLUTEN FREE

Burrito* |$12

Fried chicken with avocado, tomato, onion, slaw, lettuce, and BBQ sauce, all wrapped in a flour tortilla.


Oyakodon |$12

3 pieces of fried chicken simmered with organic eggs and onions in dashi broth and mentsuyu. Served over rice with a side of mixed greens.

Namban Salad |$12

3 pieces of fried chicken over a mixed green salad topped with veggies pickled in olive oil and rice vinegar.

Family Meal* |$60

20 pieces of chicken with two choices of seasoning plus cabbage, greens, rice, and miso ranch dressing. Serves up to five people.


Teriyaki Chicken Bowl |$10 

Chicken sauteed with teriyaki sauce and sansho seasoning. Served over rice with pickled ginger, nori, green onion, and a side of mixed greens.

Chicken Taco Rice |$11 

Okinawan comfort food! Chicken sauteed with Angelo’s Paprika Salt and served over rice with greens, tomato, onion, mashed avocado, organic sour cream, and parmesan cheese.


For all veggie dishes, choose one seasoning per order. Vegan ranch on request.

Fried Tofu |$11 | Rice Bowl (add rice & mixed greens) +$2

Organic tofu battered in potato starch and fried. Served with cabbage and miso ranch dressing.

Fried Vegan Drumstix |$12 | Rice Bowl (add rice & mixed greens) +$2

Soy-based faux chicken fried and served with cabbage and miso ranch dressing.

Fried Cauliflower |$9 | Rice Bowl (add rice & mixed greens) +$2

Fried cauliflower served with cabbage and miso ranch dressing.


Deviled Avocado | $7

Half avocado stuffed with free-range egg salad & BBQ sauce

Steamed Broccoli | $4 

Lemon, olive oil, and shichimi. Served chilled with a side of miso ranch dressing

Aburaya Tater Tots | $7

BBQ sauce, aioli, katsuo bushi, and nori

Aburaya Elote | $6

Fried corn, miso ranch, parmesan, and shichimi

Fried Cauliflower | $4

Tossed with shichimi spice blend

Fried Edamame | $5 

Tossed in butter and miso garlic

Wasabi Slaw | $4

Coleslaw with wasabi oil

Beet Salad | $9 

Roasted beets, greens & veggies, miso ranch, sesame soy dressing, parm, fried onion

Vegan options | Elote, edamame, tater tots, and beet salad can be made vegan - just ask!

15% service charge added to all orders over$100

We have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason,  especially if you’re a jerk :)

 All of our chicken dishes and sides are gluten-free except Sando and Burrito. Please let us know of any allergies.