Camden Mystery Out


Remote Dart Tournaments

Effective 9/7/2017

What is the Mystery Out?

The Mystery Out Pot is an accruing amount of money held by Camden until a player and his/her partner successfully win a percentage of the pot.  Each player will pay a $2 entry into this contest for each Remote Dart Tournament.  

How does it work?

In any x01 game played during a Camden Remote Dart Tournament, when a player takes the game out, that number is reserved in their name until the end of the tournament.  The tournament director will randomly pick a number that will be published at the conclusion of the tournament.  If the number matches one of the reserved numbers hit by a player then the player and his or her partner(s) win as follows:

Singles: 60% of the pot

Doubles: Winning player: 45% of the pot & his/her partner 15%

Trips: Winning player: 40% of the pot & his/her partners each 10%

Team: Winning player: 30% of the pot and his/her partners each 10%

No Winner?

If there is no winner the pot will carry over to the next Camden Remote Dart Tournament.

Maximum Pot

The maximum pot will be $1000.00.  If the amount exceeds $1000.00 we will put the excess into a new pot which will be the pot after the $1000.00 pot is won.