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Koenig study of
The Honorable Carol E Huff, Justice (ret.)
NYS Supreme County for New York County
July 5 2018 0035 GMT

Started February 18 2018

The Honorable Carol E Huff

Justice [ret.]

New York State Supreme Court for New York County

NYS Registration Number: 1409218

150 W 131st Street APT 1

New York NY 10027-2036


Daniel Ward White Esq

NYS Registration Number: 1972736

Of Counsel

Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi PC

11 Times Square 31st Floor

New York NY 10036-6600


fax: +1.973.530.2295

The Honorable Martin Schoenfeld

NYS Registration #: 1121649

457 FDR Drive APT 2104

New York NY 10002


Discussion of Compartmentalized Fraud

The website where I aggregate my studies and work-product is called :  perhaps advisedly.

My insurer, USAA, is a master at compartmentalizing both insurance fraud and in what now appears to be a massive SEC fraud across many different lawyers and judges.

A study  of compartmentalizing fraud by insurers is probative.

Similarly, 55 Liberty Owners Corp and an affiliated defendant, Joseph Pell Lombardi, used many different lawyers to switch hit at various stages of the proceedings.

55 Liberty’s first lawyer, a corrupt little son-of-a-bitch working for a no-nothing Maiden Lane law firm, has since been disbarred for wire fraud.

Defendant Joseph Pell Lombardi’s lawyer was disbarred for polygamy - maintaining one family with a Jamaican stripper in Jamaica (the island) and another in NYC.

I can’t make this stuff up.  Starting in 1989, you needed a program to keep track of 55 Liberty’s lawyers who made appearances:

Robert J Zastrow Esq [1], Henry Lee Saurborn Esq [2],  Phyllis H Weisberg Esq  [3],  Fred L Seeman Esq  [4],  Daniel Ward White Esq  [5], Carol A Pisano Esq  [6] , Alan M Goldberg Esq  [7] , Aaron "Ron" Goldstein Esq [8],  Jonathan Jay Fink Esq [9],  James Gaither Samson Esq [10].

Lawyers are sometimes asked to affirm in their pleadings that they are knowledgeable about the facts and issues which run with a legal action.

Here, in his August 6 1999 successful motion to escape from the case, Goldbeeg indicated his complete lack of knowledge as to the facts of the case:

Goldberg needed to be completely uninformed as to the merits of the case to so blithely perjure himself before the highly suggestible Judge Martin Schoenfeld.

Schoenfeld, who was one nasty mother-fucker to me in court as he coddled Goldberg, was also completely uninformed as to the case.

So - let’s inform nasty mother-fucker Judge Schoenfeld about the facts.

What son-a-of-bitch Schoenfeld should have been doing was over-riding the 8 years of self-indulgent sloth in Judge Huff’s court and holding a mini-trial upon the facts of the matter.

In five minutes of trial, Schoenfeld would have learned that there were no triable facts.


And here are the facts.

Disregarding the expository and explicit written advice of their own degreed consulting engineer, 55 Liberty Owners Corp Chairman Kenneth E Madsen and about to be bankrupt disgraced coop managing agent Douglas Elliman - Gibbons & Ives, failed to install a flexible fitting on a set of refractory steam pipes behind the walls of #17C at 55 Liberty Street.

The steam pipes had earlier exploded in January 1987 and building superintendent Robert J Phillips with criminal intent, concealed the fact that the the steampipe had exploded.

Over the 1988-1989 heating season the steam radiator runout connected to steam riser # 12 fractured again.

Building superintendent Robert J Phillips, to cover his negligent failure to install a flexible fitting, failed to acknowledge his absolute scienter that the same steam pipes he had earlier replaced/repaired in January 1987 had fractured again.

Being fully insured, I filed a report with my insurer on May 12 1989.

On about May 13th, a USAA employee, Norma Mendiola,  contacted 55 Liberty’s multi-peril policy carrier to set up the parameters for filing a subrogated claim.

Norma Mendiola learned that Greater Mutual of New York would not entertain a subrogated claim saying that 55 Liberty Owners Corp had filed too many water/steam damage claims.

USAA’s Norma Mendiola phoned back and told me that she didn’t understand why you’all New Yorkers live in those tall buildings that leak all the time.

What the little bitch, in her Tex-Mex drawl was saying was this:  because we can’t subrogate we ain’t paying.

Building Superintendent Robert J Phillips launched a for ranging search for the source of the leak.

Even though perjurer

In August 1989, building superintendent Robert J Phillips prepared this diagram of the living room floor:

Here is the history of



Table of Exhibits

[Exhibit - Order]

Andrew A Prieto
Chief Executive Officer
Nation Printing Corporation
32-00 Skillman Avenue
Long Island City NY 11101

Exhibit “_”:  Daniel Ward White’s June 2 1997 letter to Koenig resistively conveying 55 Liberty Owner’s Insurance Information (original copy of letter and FEDEX slip in Koenig’s possession)

Exhibit “_”:  NYS Supreme Court Judge Carol E Huff’s order July 14 1997

Exhibit “_”: Koenig October 5 1990 letter to 55 Liberty Treasurer Andrew A Prieto

Andrew A Prieto
Chief Executive Officer
Nation Printing Corporation
32-00 Skillman Avenue
Long Island City NY 11101

Appendix:  Address research 30 apr 18

Carol E Huff
11850 191st Street
Saint Albans NY 11412-3335
+1.718.527.5205 [voip]

Carol E Huff
150 W 131st Street APT 1
New York NY 10027-2036 

Leonard, Mi : E, Last Name : Huff, Name Prefix : MR, Address : 150 W 131st St, City : New York, State : NY, Zip : 10027-2036, Suite/apt : APT 1, ... Full Name: Carol E Huff. Surname: Huff. Given Name: Carol E. Zip Code: 10027-2036. Gender, Female. Home Address, 150 W 131St St New York NY,10027-2036.

Leonard  E Huff
150 W 131st St
New York NY
apt : APT 1
Carol E Huff
150 W 131St St New York NY,10027-2036 

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[1] Robert J Zastrow Esq
74 Washington Square
Salem MA 01970-4034

Robert J Zastrow Esq
NYS Registration Number: 1081868
Stroock & Stroock & Lavan LLP
180 Maiden Lane
New York, NY 10038-4982
+1.212.806.5400 (main)
fax. +1.212.806.2604

Dale Degenshein Esq

Robert J Zastrow Esq
GeyerGorey LLP
1220 L Street, NW, Suite 100, #418
Washington DC 20005-4018

[2] Henry Lee Saurborn Jr Esq
NYS Registration Number: 2109825
Kaiser Saurborn & Mair PC
111 Broadway 18th Floor
New York NY 10006
fax:  +1.212.338.9088

[3] Phyllis H Weisberg Esq
NYS Registration Number: 1358274
Montgomery McCracken Walker & Rhoads LLP
(formerly Kurzman Karelsen & Frank
437 Madison Avenue, 29th Floo
New York NY 10022
fax:  +

[4] Fred L Seeman Esq
NYS Registration Number: 1912666
|32 Broadway - Suite 1214
New York NY 10004
fax:    +1.212.385.8161

[5] Daniel Ward White Esq
NYS Registration Number: 1972736
Of Counsel
Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi PC
11 Times Square 31st Floor
New York NY 10036-6600
fax: +1.973.530.2295

[6] Carol A Pisano Esq
NYS Registration Number:  1678333
Counsel to the Firm
McElroy Deutsch Mulvaney & Carpenter LLP
88 Pine Street 24th Floor
New York NY 10005
fax: +1.212.483.9129

[7] Alan M Goldberg Esq
Of Counsel
NYS Registration #: 1661859
Anderson Kill PC
1251 Avenue of the Americas
New York NY 10020
+ (o-direct)

[8] Aaron "Ron" Goldstein Esq
Managing Director
Legal and Claims Practice Group
Aon Financial Services Group (“FSG”)
199 Water Street
New York NY 10038
+1 212.441.1282

[9] Jonathan Jay Fink Esq
NYS Registration Number: 1551266
(registration to practice law in NYS is delinquent)
Samson Fink & Dubow LLP
10 E 40th St # 708
New York NY 10016‎

[10] James Gaither Samson Esq
NYS Registration Number: 1128701
Samson Fink & Dubow LLP
10 E 40th St # 708
New York NY 10016‎
fax:  +1.212.856.5818