Season 46 was incredibly successful. We had a Super Bowl with two coaches who never been there, and both teams were #1 seeds! Coach Rosado dominated the entire season, and really looked great down the stretch beating every playoff team by double digits. Can he repeat as champ? It’s extremely difficult to repeat, we know that, but if anyone can do it, it’s Coach Rosado! We have a couple new / old faces back in the MOF, Coach NYRedskins35 is back for a full season with the Jets, and coach Roclo is back for a full season with the Lions. Can they repeat some of their early career success? Or has time passed them by? Can Qpeezy turn it around this season? Can Pauly regain his championship-runner up form? Was Dypko’s season a fluke? All this will be answered in the article below.

These predictions are not as in depth, as we are pressed for time. We finished Season 46 on a Tuesday and then started the new season on the following Monday, 6 days later. So i hope you all enjoy!

*Remember all these predictions are very in depth. We go game by game with the current schedule and predict games 1 by 1 and that's how we come up with our algorithms. Remember this is all in good fun and for some, some bulletin board material! Enjoy*

AFC East

Buffalo Bills - Coach Trigrdan
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Buffalo Bills (2-14)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 288-264-1 (.522) | Playoff Record: (14-16)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 345-373 (.481)

Coach Trigrdan had his worst season of his MOF career last season going 2-14 and struggling mightily with the Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen, who was supposed to be the savior of the Buffalo Bills threw 44 interceptions to only 8 touchdowns. The running game had no one over 400 yards for the season. They addressed both of those issues, one in the draft with QB Justin Herbert and one in free-agency with HB Mark Ingram to spell LeSean McCoy. The team has solid players everywhere, the offense will sputter throughout the season, but i think they will have a better season than they did in Season 46. Trig could surprise people and go 11-5 or he can bomb and go 3-13. I think he’ll be somewhere in the middle as he still learns the game and his new players.

Prediction: 5-11, 2nd place AFC East

Miami Dolphins - Coach Beers
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Miami Dolphins (4-4-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 4-4-1 (.500) | Playoff Record: N/A
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 338-393-2 (.462)

Coach Beers came in midway through Season 46 and finished .500 with them. So we should expect some success this season, right? Well, the AFC East might’ve gotten tougher so things could be harder. Tannehill had some bright spots and some bad spots last season under Coach Beers. Beers beat the Bills twice last season, and tied the Green Bay Packers which was probably his best performance. I believe his best off-season pick up was probably Hjalte Froholdt RG out of Arkansas in the 1st round of the draft. I do not think he did enough to improve this team, and i think they will struggle in Coach Beers first full MOF season.

Prediction: 3-13, 4th place AFC East

New England Patriots - Coach Hovadagod_23
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 New England Patriots (8-8)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 114-281 (.289) | Playoff Record: (0-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 335-390-2 (.462)

Last season was probably Coach Hova’s best of his MOF career. Although the record is a little convoluted with sims and forfeits, he finished 8-8 regardless and some think he could be on the way to changing his MOF career. He raised his winning percentage from .280 to .289 in just 1 season. The great news for the Patriots entering the season is that Tom Brady is returning. The bad news is that they didn’t do much to improve this team or the weapons around Brady. The offensive line is still suspect, the running game is still lackluster, and they really don’t have any other weapons besides Gronkowski and Edleman on offense. Their first round pick was Isaiah Wynn, LT out of Georgia, and he seems to be the real deal. But right now, they don’t have enough to really make a serious run or impact in the AFC East.

Prediction: 4-12, 3rd place AFC East

New York Jets - Coach NYRedskins35
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 43 Detroit Lions (11-5)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 331-159 (.676) | Playoff Record: (31-24)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 396-340 (.538)

He’s baaaack! Coach Betts is back home in the MOF after 3 seasons of “leave”. The good news is he is taking over a team that finished 10-6 last season under Coachsmith1993 (who left under his own accord because he didnt like obeying rules). Anyway, Coach Betts is the all-time winningest playoff coach in MOF history, he has 4 Super Bowl rings, and he’s 3rd on the all-time coach win list. Extremely impressive numbers. He was extremely active in the off-season trading for Andrew Luck, Alvin Kamara, and Malcolm Jenkins. He’s known for his GM skills and that alone already makes him the favorite. Couple that with his incredible skills as a madden coach and he’s going to be a Super Bowl contender right out of the gate. There’s no other division in the MOF that will be this one sided.

Prediction: 13-3, 1st place AFC East

Final Take AFC East: The Jets and Coach Betts will win this division by Week 10. The rest of these guys will struggle to NOT lose double digit games. My surprise team coming in will be the Patriots, but i still think they will pose zero threat to Betts’ Jets.

AFC North

Baltimore Ravens - Coach Bhicks14
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Baltimore Ravens (10-6)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 42-30 (.583) | Playoff Record (1-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 333-395 (.457)

Coach Hicks had a very good season 46, finishing 10-6 but that wasn’t enough to get into the playoffs as he lost his Week 17 game against the Browns that prevented him from sneaking in. Hicks however caught on with the Jets as an interim coach for the post-season and wound up upsetting the Texans and Coach Dre! So he has that to build off. The Ravens have a a great squad, Lamar Jackson is back under center after his 25 TD/33 INT Season 46 (and 383 yards rushing) that gives the Ravens a good dynamic offense. Their offensive line is not very good on the right side, so expect runs to the left. They also signed arguably the best free-agent on the market in Tevin Coleman (RB). That makes this team instantly better. I believe they are in a very tough division, possibly the best in the MOF, and they will need to at the worst split with the big two (Cleveland and Pittsburgh) or else they will fall short again.

Prediction: 10-6, 3rd place AFC North

Cincinnati Bengals - Coach Gouch
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Cincinnati Bengals (4-11-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 39-54-1 (.420) | Playoff Record (1-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 350-375-1 (.483)

Gouch is in a very tough division, as we mentioned before, and how he finished last season at (4-11-1) just shows you that he might be a little out of his league here in the AFC North. However, his biggest win came against the Chargers 20-17 and that opened some eyes on how Gouch’s potential can really be bright. Andy Dalton did not have a terrible season with 13 TD and 18 INT, but he was cut loose in the off-season and the Bengals are going with Joshua Dobbs, former Steelers backup. Their 1st round pick (8th overall) was LT Trey Adams who looks to be a beast and should be a 90+ overall by next season. The problem again, is this division. I don’t see Gouch competing with the big 3 here other than an upset here or there.

Prediction: 4-12, 4th place AFC North

Cleveland Browns - Coach Pettigrew95
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Cleveland Browns (12-4)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 207-111-1 (.650) | Playoff Record (20-13)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 327-404-2 (.441)

Pettigrew95 has a chip on his shoulder from not getting enough votes for the Hall of Fame in August, so he took that out on the football field finishing 12-4 with the Browns last season. He was 3 points away from representing the AFC in the Super Bowl, so i expect the Browns to be right there again when the smoke clears. Baker Mayfield had 22 TD and 19 INT, one of a handful of QBs that had more TDs than INTs last season. The defense is also very tough and they added 1st round pick LB Jawuan Johnson from TCU. The Browns will be a Super Bowl contender and will battle the Steelers and Ravens for the division. These guys will be fun to watch.

Prediction: 13-3, 1st place AFC North

Pittsburgh Steelers - Coach Pauly2110
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Pittsburgh Steelers (11-5)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 412-195 (.679) | Playoff Record (25-30)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 411-315-2 (.566)

Pauly and the Steelers finished 11-5 last season and as crazy as it sounds it’s considered an unsuccessful season for Coach Pauly. Once again he lost in the playoffs, and the rumblings continue about Pauly not being able to win the big one. Although he’s the MOF career wins leader, and has played in a record 55 playoff games and 6 super bowls, he’s still considered someone who cant get the job done. Well i think that’s unfair. CB Levonta Taylor out of FSU was their 1st round pick and should provide secondary help right away. The Steelers coming into this season are one of the favorites, in a very tough division. Usually around now Pauly starts really figuring out the game and starts being unbeatable. I believe it will start towards the end of this season, and he will be a real threat come playoff time.

Prediction: 12-4, 2nd place AFC North

Final Take AFC North: This division is arguably the best in the MOF. You have 2 coaches, Pettigrew and Pauly who will, barring catastrophic personal issues, will make the playoffs. You also got Hicks who can easily be a wild-card team and could even win the division if he can get hot.

AFC South

Houston Texans - Coach BigDre245
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Houston Texans (14-2)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 253-131 (.659) | Playoff Record: (16-15)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 390-342-1 (.533)

Coach BigDre went into Week 17 last season at 14-1 (only 1 loss by forfeit) and primed for the #1 seed and a huge playoff run. Then the wheels came off. The Texans lost Week 17 to the Jaguars, making them the 5th seed with a 14-2 record, what!? Then they were upset in the first round of the playoffs by interim Coach Hicks and the Jets. To say that it was deflating is an understatement. Dre comes back primed and ready to make another run and hopefully have a different outcome. Deshaun Watson is coming off an MVP season and hopes to come out of the gate hot once again. They bolstered their offensive line by drafting RT Dalton Risner out of Kansas State and they bring back virtually every starter on offense and defense. These guys will be back and be ready to make another run, hopefully with a different result.

Prediction: 13-3, 1st place AFC South

Indianapolis Colts - Coach Shawtypizzle
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Indianapolis Colts (7-9)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 45-50 (.474) | Playoff Record: (4-2)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 341-390 (.466)

Coach Shawtypizzle had a little bit of rust to shake off in his first time back in 7 seasons. He had moments of greatness, and moments of not so greatness. He actually traded away Andrew Luck in the off-season to the Jets, in a shocking move and decided to draft Drew Lock out of Missouri to take the snaps. Coach Shawty did not have many memorable moments last season, beating the teams he was supposed to and losing to the teams he was supposed to. Shawty still does have a Super Bowl title under his belt, and is the only MOF coach in history with a career winning percentage under .500 with a Super Bowl win. I don’t see Coach Shawty winning another ring any time soon, not in this division. I do see him possibly getting to .500 and maybe if things swing his way in a game or two, competing for a wild-card, but that’s about it.

Prediction: 8-8, 3rd place AFC South

Jacksonville Jaguars - Coach Enzo
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Jacksonville Jaguars (14-2)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 105-91 (.536) | Playoff Record: (6-4)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 396-335-1 (.542)

Coach Enzo easily had his best season ever in his MOF career going 14-2, winning the AFC South and representing the AFC in the Super Bowl. He would ultimately fall short to the Cardinals in the big game, but Enzo had himself a memorable season. His defense let up 8.7 ppg which is the 2nd best points against average OF ALL TIME. Blake Bortles was another QB who had a positive TD to INT ratio, with 20 TD and 17 INT. Possibly the most impressive number last season was Barry Church’s 15 interceptions. If the Jaguars can get 75% of what their defense did last season , this season, they will be right there once again. I believe with the addition of RG Michael Deiter, the Jaguars solidfy their offensive line and are primed for another run.

Prediction: 12-4, 2nd place AFC South

Tennessee Titans - Coach BennyBuccets
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Tennessee Titans (2-14)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 2-21 (.087) | Playoff Record: N/A
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 343-391 (.467)

Coach Benny had a rough go at it last season, there’s no question here. He set records for most interceptions thrown in a game and in a season with Marcus Mariota who finished with 63 interceptions. The Titans won two games by forfeit, so really Coach Benny did not win a single game last season. So what did he do to improve? Well he signed Andy Dalton, for one, to back up Mariota. He also traded the #1 overall pick for TE Travis Kelce (Chiefs). They drafted RB Myles Gaskin out of Washington to help with the rushing attack and with their 1st pick they took MLB Rashaan Evans who looks to make an impact right away! I think Coach Benny needs to go back to the drawing board if he wants to compete, and he knows that. The good thing about this league is everyone can get better with practice, however in this division he’s going to struggle, mightly.

Prediction: 1-15, 4th place AFC South

Final Take AFC South: Two team race once again, i expect the division to come down to the head to head games with the Texans and Jaguars with both teams making the post-season without any problems. The Colts will be a tough out, but i dont think he’s ready to really compete, and the Titans need to start practicing so they can throw some upsets this season.

AFC West

Denver Broncos - Coach Sawemoff90
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Denver Broncos (4-11-1)

Coaches Overall MOF Record: 39-61-1 (.391) | Playoff Record: (0-2)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 403-330-1 (.550)

Coach Saw’s Season 46 was extremely disappointing. Hopes were high entering the season, with a very good defense but everything went wrong as Saw finished the season going 4-11-1. They even had a tie, ew. They come into this season with expectations just as low as they were last season. They got rid of Case Keenum and replaced him with Paxton Lynch. They drafted arguably the best player in the draft in DT Ed Oliver out of Houston. Now they have an even better defense with Von Miller leading the charge. Will that be enough to compete with the Chargers and a better Chiefs team? We’re not quite sure, but we see some growing pains for Lynch and an offense who was at times putrid in Season 46. Their lone bright spot on offense, Demaryius Thomas wil hope to spark an offense that will need sparking.

Prediction: 3-13, 4th place AFC West

Kansas City Chiefs - Coach DoubleD187
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Kansas City Chiefs (6-10)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 84-56 (.600) | Playoff Record: (7-7)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 383-331-1 (.536)

DoubleD187 is notorious for starting slow. Last edition he went 3-13 with the Rams, then made the playoffs 3 straight seasons. This time around? 6-10 with the Chiefs. He made a blockbuster trade, giving TE Travis Kelce up in a package to get the #1 overall pick, where he selected stud DE Nick Bosa out of Ohio State who will be a force to be rekon with from day 1. The Chiefs made strides last season even though they finished 6-10, Coach DoubleD returned to form a little bit beating the Seahawks and Chargers in back to back weeks. Can he have some success this season? Yes i believe the Chiefs will turn things around, but the AFC is just so tough so he will really have to knock off Mackdaddy for the division, i believe, if he wants to make the playoffs.

Prediction: 11-5, 2nd place AFC West

Los Angeles Chargers - Coach MackDaddy
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Los Angeles Chargers (11-5)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 105-39 (.729) | Playoff Record: (9-9)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 358-371 (.491)

Coach MackDaddy always seems to fly under the radar somehow. Boasting a .729 winning percentage, which is the best amongst active coaches with at least 100 games played. Despite the lack of love, Mack finished last season with the division title. Although he sputtered out at the end of the season, losing games to Ravens, Chiefs, and Bengals 3 weeks in a row, he was able to win his wild-card matchup against the Steelers and ultimately falling to the Browns in the divisional round. The Chargers bring back most of their starters and draftin S Derwin James with their first pick out of FSU. The Chargers were considered the best team in the MOF before that 3 game losing streak, and i believe they can get there once again this season. The Chiefs and Raiders will be better, but i still think Mackdaddy’s Chargers are the team to beat.

Prediction: 12-4, 1st place AFC West

Oakland Raiders - Coach Kalikarpenter
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Oakland Raiders (7-9)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 90-102 (.469) | Playoff Record: (1-2)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 332-387 (.462)

Coach Kalikarpenter’s expectations were lower than where he finished last season. He finished 7-9 but it felt like 4-12. Derek Carr had 37 interceptions, and although Derrick Henry got close to 1,000 yards rushing their offense just did not seem to be in sync all season. Their brightest spot of the season was only losing 21-15 to the Cardinals, but other than that no victories worth note. The draft pick of MLB Devin Bush 17th overall has alot of heads turning, alot of people think Bush will be one of the best MLB’s in the game. That along with Khalil Mack makes the Raiders defense very good. If the Raiders can put it all together, they might win more games that what we are projecting, but with their schedule and this division, i will be surprised if they do.

Prediction: 4-12, 3rd place AFC West

Final Take AFC West: The Chiefs will be much improved from last season and will be the ONLY team that will compete with Mackdaddy’s Chargers, and that’s a maybe. Mackdaddy is the team to beat and i’d be a massive upset if he did not win this division. The Raiders and Broncos will battle for 3rd place, but both teams will have disappointing seasons.

NFC East

Dallas Cowboys - Coach Texmexgalvan
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Dallas Cowboys (5-11)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 93-228-3 (.292) | Playoff Record: (0-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 382-347-1 (.524)

Coach Tex had a tough season with the Cowboys in Season 46. Dak Prescott alone had 48 interceptions. Ezekiel Elliot got hurt, and they were in a free fall. They had some bright spots however, including a win over the Jaguars (1 of only 2 Jaguar losses) so Eddie is showing that he can still compete with the best of them. He’s in the same group that if he sat down and practiced, he’d be a force to be rekon with. The offensive line of the Cowboys is still incredible, and the strongest part of this team. The signing of Sam Bradford gives them a little depth and maybe a shorter leash for Prescott, and 10th overall pick A.J. Brown from Ole Miss gives them another target. I think Dallas needs a lot of chips to fall right to make a splash, but unfortunatley the mistakes always come back to bite you and until Eddie puts some serious time in the lab room, he will not be able to compete.

Prediction: 5-11, 3rd place NFC East

New York Giants - Commissioner Jeff
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 New York Giants (12-4)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 379-294 (.563) | Playoff Record: (15-17)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 366-362-2 (.503)

When the season started no one really saw the Commish having the season he had. The Giants won 12 games, Odell Beckham had a great season with 1,804 Yards 16 touchdowns, and Alec Ogletree broke the record for most intereceptions by a single player in a season with 27, shattering the previous record of 19. Commish will force you to make mistakes, and you will make them, and that’s how he wins his games. Eli Manning is now gone, and Jarrett Stidham was drafted to take his place. Barkley, Beckham, Shepard, Engram, and the newly inserted Gallman give the Giants alot of weapons on offense. Moving Olivier Vernon to LB, and drafting Rashan Gary to play DE will give them some depth in that 3-4 defense. The Giants have to be the favorite to win the division once again, as long as he can limit the turnovers, run the ball well, and keep his head on straight there’s no one that can realistically compete with him in this division.

Prediction: 12-4, 1st place NFC East

Philadelphia Eagles - Coach Latinyank77478
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Philadelphia Eagles (4-11-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 181-169-1 (.517) | Playoff Record: (4-9)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 354-376-1 (.485)

Things that make you go hmmm. Coach Latinyank had himself an awful season in Philadelphia, with all that talent, we were surprised he played this poorly to a 4-11-1 record. There were times where MOF officials questioned if he was tanking the season to get some draft picks, but then he traded Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery for Josh Rosen. What? Disregarding that statement, Jay Ajayi was the lone bright spot for the Eagles and Coach Alex as he rushed for 1,388 yards and 11 touchdowns. So what did they do with all these picks from trading away Malcom Jenkins, Carson Wentz, and Alshon Jeffery? CB Greedy Williams from LSU with the 9th overall pick in the draft and S Deionte Thompson from Alabama. I’m not really sure of the thought process, but they were able to lure Desean Jackson away from Tampa Bay, hoping that makes up for the loss of Jeffery. I do think they will have a better season for sure, but their record will be inflated and they will struggle at times.

Prediction: 8-8, 2nd place NFC East

Washington Redskins - Coach Cheese0824 ®
Coaches Last Full Season: N/A
Coaches Overall MOF Record: N/A
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 457-277 (.623)

Not much is known about Coach Cheese0824, except that his username is something most users should try to avoid naming themselves when trying to join a full experience sim league. Anyway, there were no trades that Coach Cheese0824 could make because of the new rookie policy, so he had to try and build up through free-agency and the draft. MLB Cameron Smith out of USC was his first round pick, and FS Marvell Tell, also out of USC , was his 2nd round pick. Two excellent selections that will make an impact right away. The Redskins overall have a solid team, offensive line, defensive line. The only questions they have are at receiver and runningback. If they can score points with what they got, they could be dangerous. But you know our philosophy here in the MOF. You need to earn your stripes. We think he will probably be better than some of the bottom tier coaches, but before we think he can compete with the best, he will have to take his lumps.

Prediction: 4-12, 4th place NFC East

Final Take NFC East: The Giants own this division, barring any injuries or any new babies in Commish’s future he should take this division crown in Season 47. We dont know what the Redskins are, that’s a big wild-card. But the Eagles and Cowboys shouldn’t pose a threat. Expect the Eagles to possibly battle for a wild-card berth.

NFC North

Chicago Bears - Coach Remo357
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Baltimore Ravens (3-13)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 12-68 (.150) | Playoff Record: N/A
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 405-327-1 (.553)

It’s actually hard to believe that last season was Coach Remo’s best in his MOF career, (3-13). Although he had his struggle, Remo did wind up beating a playoff team in Week 2 last season, 7-6 (Seattle). Remo is the kind of coach you root for because no matter the circumstance he sticks around, has a great time, and doesn’t care if he wins or loses. You need more types of coaches like that in this league. Again, we’ve said it before in this article, he’s one of those coaches meaning if he practiced more he’d be much more competitve. Mitch Trubisky had a miserable season 46 with 6 TD and 47 INT. Incredible that the Bears only threw for 6 touchdowns all season.Their leading rusher Jordan Howard was dealt (in division) in the off-season so it looks like Tarik Cohen and newly drafted David Montgomery out of Iowa State will get the bulk of the carries. The Bears have to compete in a loaded division with 3 coaches who have been here a very long time and have all had long term success. This season will be an uphill battle, but we are absolutely rooting for the best out of Remo.

Prediction: 3-13, 4th place NFC North

Detroit Lions - Coach MrRoclo
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Detroit Lions (3-5)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 194-165 (.540) | Playoff Record: (5-8)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 361-374 (.491)

Coach Roclo finally made his return to the MOF in Season 46 and took over half the season with the Lions, who couldn’t solidfy a permanent coach. Well they have one now! Roclo had a tough comeback going 3-5 in his 8 games, but we think he made some of the best moves of the off-season. Signing QB Tyrod Taylor was a head scratcher since they have Stafford, but it looks like Taylor might be the starter come Week 1. They traded for Jordan Howard from the Bears and it looks like he will be the starter right out of the gate. And in possibly the best move of the off-season they grabbed Brandin Cooks from the Rams to play along Kenny Golladay building one of the most explosive offenses in the MOF. They picked C Ross Pierschbacher out of Alabama in the 1st round to try and bolster that offensive line. I think the Lions improved greatly, now it will just have to come down to who is playing QB. Having both Taylor and Stafford on the roster is going to cause some heartburn. I think if Roclo can return to his regular MOF season form, he will be a playoff contender, but not quite a division contender just yet.

Prediction: 9-7, 3rd place NFC North,

Green Bay Packers - Coach Lhu27
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Green Bay Packers (11-3-2)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 212-116-4 (.645) | Playoff Record: (16-12)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 379-351-3 (.519)

Dolan had yet another successful season fall short in the post-season. His last 4 playoff appearances ended in just 1 game. However, we cannot ignore the success the Packers had last season, finishing the season 11-3-2. Aaron Rodgers won the MVP award and easily had the best season of any QB in the MOF with 34 TD and 18 INT and a QB rating of 105.8. The Packers had a hard time with the Seahawks last season, tying them and then eventually losing to them in the wild-card game 30-27. They look to avenge those close games against top talent with some off-season moves that have made this team better. The pick of Marquise Brown out of Oklahoma in the 1st round should make an immediate impact in a spot where the Packers needed to improve greatly. They also traded for Emmanuel Sanders to give Rodgers some more weapons. These guys are dangerous, especially with the new weapons along with Jimmy Graham. The Packers and Dolan are the division favorite, no doubt about it. Now can they get over that playoff hump?

Prediction: 14-2, 1st place NFC North

Minnesota Vikings - Coach Krayzie300
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Minnesota Vikings (11-5)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 203-255-1 (.443) | Playoff Record: (1-6)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 336-392-4 (.457)

Coach Krayzie had one of , if not, his best season in his elustrious MOF career in Season 46, finishing (11-5) and getting into the playoffs. Krayzie’s playoff record is not very good, (1-6), but he was definitley happy to get there. His biggest win probably came over Roclo’s Lions or Q’s Saints, but other than that he didnt really beat anyone with a winning record. The 24-23 loss to the Falcons in the wild-card put a bad taste in his mouth and he should be ready to compete once again in Season 47. LT Mitch Hyatt out of Clemson was their #1 pick and will immediately start. QB Eric Dungey was a surprise draft pick out of Syracuse, but he could have a future if the Vikings decide to move on from that monster contract of Kirk Cousins. Kirk finished with 27 Interceptions last season, and will need to improve on that. I think the Vikings will again have a solid defense, and improved running game with a full season of Dalvin Cook. If the chips fall right, they could contend for the division, but most likely a wild-card will be on the table.

Prediction: 10-6, 2nd place NFC North

Final Take NFC North: This is turning into a very strong division. It all depends on how Roclo can bounce back and get used to this game. The Lions made some nice moves and will get some wins. The Packers should win this division, and the Vikings should be a wild-card as well. The Bears need some practice, but they could wind up upsetting some teams too.

NFC South

Atlanta Falcons - Coach BigReg
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Atlanta Falcons (11-5)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 98-58-2 (.627) | Playoff Record: (5-4)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 368-364-2 (.503)

BigReg had a little bit of a set back last season, even though 11-5 is far from a set back. BigReg is used to going 13-3, 14-2 and crusing his way to the NFC title for the last few seasons. Matt Ryan had himself a terrible season, unlike Reg. He had 18 TD and 48 INT. There was a stretch during the season where the Falcons lost 3 straight games to the Steelers, Bucs, and Giants. They had their bye and didn’t look back. They finished 7-2 in Reg fashion and made the NFC title game where they lost to the Cardinals. The Falcons didn’t really have to do much to improve their team, but they made a huge trade in the off-season moving LB Deion Jones to the Cardinals for CB Patrick Peterson. They also drafted Shaquille Quarterman LB out of Miami who looks to be a stud. The Falcons are the favorite to win the division, and they will continue to be the favorite until further notice.

Prediction: 12-4, 1st place NFC South

Carolina Panthers - Coach Dpanther95
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Carolina Panthers (4-12)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 159-341-1 (.318) | Playoff Record: N/A
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 323-409-2 (.441)

The Panthers and Coach Dpanther had another rough season going 4-12 in Season 46. Dpanther’s greatest win of Season 46 came in Week 17 with a win over rival Q and the Saints. Cam Newton had a terrible 7 TD / 48 INT performance, and Newton was the leading rusher with only 257 yards. The Panthers clearly have to turn their fortunes around on offense if they want to even win more than 4 games this season. Their running game is the catalyst of the team. If they can get McCaffrey going early and often, they will have more success. Clelin Ferrell LE out of Clemson was their 1st round pick (5th overall) and looks to start right out of the gate. Taylor Rapp FS out of FSU also looks to make an impact as they drafted him in the 2nd round. Look Coach Dpanther is one of those coaches who will never complain, he will play  and get his games in without a problem, and he will compete to the end of every single game. He might not be the best (159-341-1) in his career, but he will always be an MOF staple. We always root for Dpanther to turn it around, but this season i dont think is it.

Prediction: 4-12, 4th place NFC South

New Orleans Saints - Coach Qpeezy35
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 New Orleans Saints (6-10)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 301-211 (.588) | Playoff Record: (7-14)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 398-334 (.544)

A mess is one way to describe the Saints and Coach Q’s season 46. Very unlike coach Q to go 6-10 and miss the playoffs, and play this poorly. Drew Brees finished with 32 interceptions to only 20 touchdowns and it cost him his job this season as Coach Q has announced that Teddy Bridgewater would be getting the job in the off-season. The Saints also traded away RB Alvin Kamara to the New York Jets for S Jamal Adams in what shocked alot of experts. They also let Mark Ingram go to the Bills, so their two leading rushers both gone. Have no fear though, Joe Mixon was picked up in a deal with the Bengals and Latavius Murray was also signed. The draft was lackluster, but with the moves they made they definitley made up for that. I think this season Q will turn things around, not enough to make the playoffs, but he can make a push. I expect next season to be the one where Q figures it all out.

Prediction: 8-8, 2nd place NFC South

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Coach Jfon
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-9-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 228-266-1 (.462) | Playoff Record: (3-7)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 340-378-1 (.474)

Coach Jfon had another one of those seasons. Jameis Winston threw 45 interceptions and fumbled the ball 16 times (2nd most in MOF history), that’s 61 turnovers. The Bucs finished the season 6-9-1 and Jfon cannot be happy with that kind of performance. Ronald Jones rushed for 883 yards which was a bright spot for the offense, and he looks to improve off that this season. Mike Evans also had over 1,000 yards receiving. So the offense wasn’t too bad. Their best win of the season came against the Falcons where they dominated 22-3. Experts thought maybe Jfon was turning the corner, but after that victory they finished the season 4-7. The Buccaneers decided to stick with Winston in Season 47 and really didnt do too much to improve their offense. They signed Navorro Bowman and Kayvon Webster in the off-season to help that defense, but i dont think that will be enough to really make a huge impact. I think the Bucs have a shot at a winning record, it will depend on the Saints games. I don’t think they have a shot at the division though.

Prediction: 7-9, 3rd place NFC South

Final Take NFC South: All Falcons, barring a catastrophic injury they should win this division pretty easily. I see the Saints and Bucs possibly battling for a wild-card spot, more the Saints. The Panthers are still struggling but again, we would love nothing else but to see Dpanther in the playoffs one of these seasons.

NFC West

Arizona Cardinals - Coach MRosado11
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Arizona Cardinals (14-2)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 79-41 (.658) | Playoff Record: (4-4)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 299-432-1 (.409)

The self proclaimed “Alpha of the MOF” has backed up all that talk on the field as Rosado is our new MOF current champion. He disposed of everyone in his way in the playoffs, handedly, and proved to the MOF that he is not a playoff bust. Love or hate him, Rosado has earned the respect of the league especially the MOF brass for the way he’s turned his entire MOF persona around. So we congradulate you on that. So with that said, Rosado made his team even better in the off-season. He traded Josh Rosen for Carson Wentz and Alshon Jeffery, he traded for Deion Jones by getting rid of Patrick Peterson, and he traded for Trey Burton as well. The Cardinals are easily the favorites to win this division, and the favorites to win it all once again. The best user in the league by far, with one of the fastest MLB’s in the game that just spells danger for the rest of the league. It should be fun to see what Rosado can do this season as an encore.

Prediction: 14-2, 1st place in NFC West

Los Angeles Rams - Coach RobPowers
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Los Angeles Rams (9-7)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 105-135 (.438) | Playoff Record: (1-4)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 350-385 (.476)

The run game of Rob Powers and the Rams were the absolute ONLY bright spot of Season 46. 1,983 rushing yards and 17 TD, he was the best running back by far. However the QB play was not great. Jared Goff 7 TD and 26 INT held back the team, and possibly the reason they missed the post-season. The Rams traded their best receiver Brandin Cooks to the Lions, why? I’m not quite sure but they were able to get RT Rick Wagner to help with an already pretty good offensive line. They also drafted Andre Dillard LT out of Washington State with their first round pick. So it looks like the Rams really wanted to bolster that offensive line, but it doesn’t help when you don’t have anyone to throw it to. We will see what Goff can do but the Rams have an extremely tough schedule this season and i do not expect them to have the same success as they did last seaosn.

Prediction: 6-10, 3rd place NFC West

San Francisco 49ers - Coach SoSickin432
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 San Francisco 49ers (4-12)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 29-53 (.354) | Playoff Record: (1-1)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 383-351 (.522)

Coach SoSickin432 had a very disappointing season with the 49ers in Season 46. Jimmy G was supposed to be a bright spot for the team but he wound up throwing 49 interceptions to only 20 touchdowns. The run game was non existent with Jet McKinnon gaining only 475 yards on the year. The emergence of TE George Kittle was something they can build off as he gained 1,312 yards through the air. The 49ers did not do much to help the offense, besides drafting LT Greg Little out of Ole Miss with the 5th overall pick. The defense of the 49ers is still led by Richard Sherman who will be moving to safety, like how most CB’s over 30 end up doing. The 49ers have a tougher schedule in Season 47 and they are in a very tough division with the Cardinals, Seahawks and Rams. I believe alot of things have to turn around for the 49ers to compete, but we just don’t see that happening.

Prediction: 3-13, 4th place NFC West

Seattle Seahawks - Coach Mindenplaya
Coaches Last Full Season: Season 46 Seattle Seahawks (9-6-1)
Coaches Overall MOF Record: 58-30-1 (.657) | Playoff Record: (2-4)
Team’s Overall MOF Record: 384-345-3 (.527)

Last season was somewhat of a disappointment for Coach Mindenplaya and the Seahawks who were projected to be a top team and Super Bowl contender. They still finished 9-6-1 and made it to the divisional round of the playoffs but they were ousted by the Cardinals and Rosado who beat him twice during the season as well. It looks like Minden has a kryptonite and its name is Rosado. The Seahawks had a tough time passing, as Russell Wilson had 25 INT and only 14 TD. Rashaad Penny took over the carries and wound up with 697 yards rushing at 3.7 YPC. The offensive line of the Seahawks was not addressed in the off-season enough, as they remain one of the worst lines in the league. They still obviously have Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin, and that should be enough for the rest of the offense to succeed. The draft didn’t do much to help these guys either, but Mindenplaya is a great coach and he finds ways to win. I think they will be fine and be a playoff contender. Again, like the rest of the division, the schedule is tougher so that could put them behind the 8 ball early.

Prediction: 9-7, 2nd  place NFC West

Final Take NFC West: The NFC West runs through Arizona. He should win this division easily, and earn a first round bye. The Seahawks have a shot at a wild-card but has a very tough schedule. The Rams were on the way last season, but also have a really tough schedule. The 49ers need alot to be competitve this season.

Season 47 Projected Final Standings

Season 47 Projected Awards

AFC MVP: QB: Andrew Luck, NYJ

NFC MVP: QB: Carson Wentz, ARI

AFC Defensive MVP: DE: Emmanuel Ogbah, CLE

NFC Defensive MVP: MLB: Alec Ogletree, NYG

AFC Rookie of the Year: QB: Justin Herbert, BUF

NFC Rookie of the Year: QB: Jarrett Stidham, NYG

AFC Def. Rookie of the Year: LB: Devin Bush, OAK

NFC Def. Rookie of the Year: S: Deionte Thompson, PHI

AFC Coach of the Year: NYRedskins, NYJ

NFC Coach of the Year: Mrosado11, ARI

AFC Comeback Coach Of The Year: DoubleD187, KC

NFC Comeback Coach Of The Year: MrRoclo, DET

Season 47 Projected Playoff Bracket